Our story follows Rabidus, Gorgias, Porcia, the children of legendary Philosopher Kings. When an evil force of terrorists called "The Sophists" return from the dead, these three young philosophers will have be have to grow and learn in the dangerous continent of Ruina!



Chapter 1

Idiko, Rabidus and friends are on a flight to Ruina. Unfortunely, they're flight is interrupted by the return of Astaroth, one of the Sophists. The philosophers and sophists battle and shrouded motivations are slowly revealed on both sides.




Idiko Raja : (Philosopher King) 


Idiko Raja is one of 3 legendary Philosopher Kings, known for their significant contribution in bringing down the Sophists in the Red War. He was born and raised in Pertama's Paradise, son of two respected Philosophers. His life would change forever when the Sophists nearly destroyed Pertama's Paradise 16 years ago. His entire family was killed and through a series of events he and his surviving twin siser ended up being kidnapped and put on a flight to Ruina with the Sophists.

Eventually he was assumed dead by everyone in Pertama, Idiko would grow up in Ruina, a dangerous continent and penal colony located across the sea, housing the undesired components of society. He would eventually bring together a group of individuals that would hunt down and kill the Sophists...or so it seemed.

Idiko would return home and be recognized as a hero, and fill the role as Pertama's new Philosopher King. 16 years later Idiko returns to Ruina with his son, and a few of his friends...only to find out that some demons can't stay in hell...




Porcia Sachdev: (Philosopher Trainee)

Porcia is a 16 year old girl living in Ruina in the city of Lin's Paradise. She and her little sister Gorgias are the children of Jace Sachdev, who was a late Philosopher King and close childhood friend of Idiko's. She is dedicated, hardworking, and an incredibly positive and outgoing personality, but also hides some darker personality traits that get revealed when she doesn't get her way. She is also accused by many to be a narcissist. Despite this she means well and cares for her little sister more than anything.  Her goals in life are to become a great philosopher and to find out what happened to her late father, who vanished mysteriously many years ago




Rabidus Raja : (Philosopher Trainee)



Rabidus is a 15 year old boy and the son of the Philosopher King Idiko Raja and the "Red Eyed Woman". He flaunts a pretty sarcastic and dismissive attitude, but does secretly care very much about those closest to him. He is also quietly ambitious and wants to become a strong philosopher like his father, despite pretending not to care or know much about the art. He has grown up in Idiko's Paradise, a thriving city named after his father. He grew up with 6 brothers and sisters so his household was never very quiet. Not to mention Remmy and Tarantula who have lived with him all his life and would consider them almost as a pseudo uncle and aunt. 

On the verge of his 16th birthday he, Idiko and friends are going to Ruina to train for the Naraka Trials, a series of tests for would be philosophers.