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Update: Page coming, bit later tonight though! It's actually almost done already, but won't be home till later tonight. Tis coming for certain though :) thanks for reading!

Ayy Rabidus Mum. And spooky future! Alllmost there. Thanks for reading! See ya Wed.

THANK YOU again Nyunny for another awesome fanart! That was done in lightning speed haha, I love it.


Rabidus's mom hype!
Also, I need her skincare routine NOW.
Aww yeah, She’s finally heeerree ! >:D

Lmao yeah same, she hasnt aged a day , maybe its savant genetics lol
Rabidus’s mom looks so pretty!

And I suddenly have an urge to draw again...
Ahh thanks so much!! I’m so glad she’s a character ive wanted to draw for a while :))

Your fanarts are an honor :D . I’m already sketching a Mika round 2 haha
I already got my sketch lined so be prepared >B)
Wooh! :D That was super fast haha
Damn the art its great. time for a mystery murder
Thanks so much!!

I'm glad and yeah it's time for a gigantic mystery...that spans the entire globe apparently!?
That’s a very striking design that Rabidus’ mom has. Where is she exactly ? And what of those blue corpses?
Thank you I'm glad people like how she looks :D !

Ah yes she's on the other side of the world in a place referred to as the Country of Shadows :). We will see more of that eventually. And I'm so glad you caught the blue bodies! Can't say much yet XD
Wow Rabidus mom is so cool ^^. I like how Rabidus seems to be a little intimidated by her she must be strong.
Wooh glad you like her :D. She might be my favorite character that changes but she stays up there haha.

And yeah, Rabidus does have a lot of respect for his mom, lots of people do actually she's OP lol
Jason Moon
This is an eerie page :) The bloody stoned streets with a little girl perched above
Haha thanks so much man! Thats exactly what I was going for, we’ll see some of this horror aesthetic next chapter :)

Ah yes Rabidus’ mom is very young looking, but shes actually in her late 30s!
Boys tend to be closer to their mothers, and vice versa for girls. It's humorous seeing him be subdued after being so cheeky. Looks like this things moving towards a sort of superhero meet up.
Thank you for bringing in so many facts to tie into XD . And yeah I’ve heard something like that before, Rabidus has always been closer to his mom and takes after her personality wise :)

You might be right! A meet up of ‘heroes’ and ‘villains’ is definitely commencing...things will get pretty out there I can say that much :D
big mama! (*゚ロ゚)
Haha She’s hereee :D
Oh, when he said that mom wanted to talk I kinda assumed it was in person. Not at "Mom's on the line right now but she's perched on a rooftop"-kinda call. =D

Also, I've been meaning to ask. But what age is the Group? I was specifically thinking of Rabidus/Idiko/Mom here but I've been curious about Rem, Tara and the others as well.
Haha yup, Ol' switcharoo XD. She's on a mission outside of Ruina atm, perching on top of a rooftop as all bad@ss moms do haha.

So Rabidus is 17. Lin, Idiko and Rabidus' mom are all the same age: 39. Tara is 27, Rem is in his 40s but doesn't like to talk about his specific age LOL. Ah so glad you asked that I'll include that in the character page! I can't wait to update it, like 20+ people before the end of the month hopefully :)
Dera Nuel
Rabidus your mom's so pretty. Call me when next you facetime
She is right!? And she’s pushing 40 psh..

LOL ill lether know 🤣
Incredible backgrounds! Reminds me of Gothic horror . Rabidus’ mom doesn’t disappoint she comes across as very strong.
Rabidus' mom is cool! i like her design.