Chapter 2: Page 98

Chapter  2: Page 98 Chapter  2: Page 98
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Sovember 26th Mar 2019, 4:38 AM edit delete
A shorter one today! Now we just need to check on Lucia and Gorgias and we done :D. I wanna upload frequently till it's finished. See you all Friday!

Some AWESOME surprise fanarts from Nyunny, Iri and Vapula :D


See ya Friday!

Man Tara doesn't even need a bed. Just conked out right then and there.
Right!? Even at home she’s pulling off feats haha.

Probably one of the few that could casually sleep after going through... all that crazy junk lol
Jason Moon
Can't be good with the sophists having the Grand Narrative. Time to go see mom
You got that the sophists have the Grand Narrative, things will be VERY difficult for our friends here.

Oh yeah, finally gets to talk to his mom after all this time :D
Not sure if you're referring to me or Nyunny but I'll assume Nyunny XD!

They're both great renditions yeah! :D
rofl tara fell asleep. they have the book time to get ready
Hahaha she's done with everything after all that XD

You got it...time to get ready for hell X_X
Sleep is important, it regulates your emotions and hormones, which I imagine would be a must for a soldier of any kind. There's the father and son tension, quintessential daddy issues, but to be fair I would skeptical around my father if he was a shady king who holds back info for untold reasons.
Oh I definitely agree! It's...something I need to abide by more often lol.

Ah yeah, there's definitely that tension there, Rabidus still has plenty of unanswered questions to pry from his dad, but he has a real good relationship with his mom :)
Rest before apocalypse.
Isn't that the best kind of rest hahaha
Those are really cool fanarts ^3^. Oh I've wanted to see Rabidus mom
Right!? They're fantastic :).

Ah yes, unfortunately you'll have to wait a bit more to see her, she's just going to be on the phone XD

EDIT: I actually changed my mind LOL. Her face is revealed plenty in the prologue, so no need to go mysterious route, you'll see her next page :D
"because sleep is not for the weak"-
That one was new. Usually I hear it the other way around "The strong don't need to sleep". Or even "Why sleep now? We can still do that when we're dead" :P
Haha that's true! Feel like I've heard each of those in a movie recently that's how common it is XD.

Usually when one hears that term it's to tough it out, but I guess Wolf Gang plays by different rules :D
I get why they're sleepy. Though I'd have trouble taking a pill under these circumstances. Just realized how chill Idiko looks in that shirt of his too!

What's this "mom wants to talk" stuff about though? bad news? good news? Or just a long while since they chatted?
Definitely! If there’s a time to be tuckered out it’d be after going through all that. But yeah.. I don’t think i’d be anything but paranoid and traumatized after going through that nightmaee LOL.

Haha it does make him look chill compared to his gothic battle suit xD. He at the very least is mellow when theres no action. Ah yes, the mom stuff could be anything right? Hopefulky nothing bad, they’ve had their share of bad lol. We will see a bit of the convo before switching scenes :)
I'm guessing Rabidus' mom has already heard the news, maybe she's going to join the fight? That's one thing I've been wondering from those flashback segments, how many members of Wolf Gang are there?
Ah those are great questions!! I can say yes, she has already heard the news from Idiko about the Sophists return.

And yeah, that is sort of ambiguous up to this point haha, there are more members who are still alive that we haven't met, should be an interesting future :)
Dera Nuel
Those are lovely fan arts. There's going to be a very serious talk xD
Haha ikr! Nyunny’s style is really cool.

Oh yeah super serious XD
I’ve been wondering when we were going to see Rabidus’ mom. Great personalities.
im guessing he has a better relationship with his mom. these characters are so colorful, sunglasses is the only one who's freaking out over that nightmare XD
You're totally right!! He loves his mom, but has a complicated relationship with his dad, wouldn't say he necessarily hates his dad outright but we'll see more later =D

LOL Remmy is the every man haha