Chapter 2: Page 97

Chapter  2: Page 97 Chapter  2: Page 97
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Update: Page definitely coming out today! Gonna be kinda late again like last one's but it'll be here :D. Thanks for reading!

They're back at it xD. Some of the stuff referenced on this page was alluded to briefly (training for the Neraka trials), which i'm looking forward too in ch 3 :). But I hope to flesh it out more in the new prologue that's coming up, which takes place a day before as wolf gang gets ready to get on the plane. Thanks for reading! See ya Monday.
e: added a bunch of stuff! update on prev page!

rofl remmy is funny but hes scared of the sophists theyre too strong
XD I'm so glad you like Remmy, I loved writing his dialogue here (I always do actually :D)

...yeah, he's gone through the sophists's not going to be a simple shoot and kill game this time, and I think he knows it haha.
I’ve caught up, and its been a wild ride. What’s most appealing about this comic in my opinion is the strange characters and the sheer amount of things taking place at once, it’s a fun web. I’m wondering what the sophists motivations are at this point, and also curious how we didn’t see the end of Idiko and Astaroths fight, given thats how the story started.
WOOH! Thanks for reading :D. And thank you! I do like making crazy characters, and I'm glad it's a fun web.

Yeah we'll see what's up with Astaroth and sophist's end of things, I'm thinking I'll label it as a really short interlude, but I'm taking a break after this chapter ends real soon.

Funny enough I had imagined this part as the start of the main story, everything till here is just set up. Next chapter are conflicts I've had in mind for a while hope you stick around :).
There are some top tier lines on this page, but I think the best is "No, I didn't! I really didn't!"

Because, like... yeah. What IS stopping them from killing everyone right now?
Hahaha thanks xD, I think that line is actually something I've heard someone respond to me when I was messing with them LOL.

And you're right...if the Grand Narrative can bend reality...they should be pretty OP and capable of doing pretty much anything, so why not? Next time on DBZ XD
I really like arguing on this page it’s hilarious ^^. Bull dunkery! ^3^
Yes! I'm glad people like the dialogue, there's going to be a lot more of this in the prologue

LOL, only Remmy would say something like that :)
Banter to make Tarantino drool. Especially from our cynical blonde motorbiker here. I’d like to know the details of the properties of the Grand Narrative as well, reality warper is never not a grandiose power, perhaps there’s some exaggeration with the power this book is rumored to hold.
Hahaha, thank you! I love writing the dialogue and I'm glad people like Remmy's stuff this page :D

Ah yes, I can say Lin and Idiko most likely have not revealed all they know...but I'm sure that's probably a given knowing their mysterious personalities. We'll definitely learn more about the nature of the GN though :)
"maybe they don not feel like it"


We're all dead. If not already then eventually ..when they'll feel like it o.O

*wonders what actually keeps them from doing it, I guess "changing reality" is just not that simple ;) Or, at least not in the way they want to ...?
I’m so glad you caught that, I mean maybe Tara was just tired...or perhaps she’s actually onto something...

Exactly! If the Grand Narrative is as powerful as they say...their lives are all up in the air atm D:

And you bring up a silver lining :) , perhaps the sophists dont have as much control over reality atm as implied....hopefully at least! xD
Dera Nuel
"You're a really sad man". Lol, Remy is actually one of the merriest person in this series.
Lmao, right?

Rem knows how to make people laugh at grim situations, that's for sure XD
Jason Moon
Great page, loving the backgrounds and detail of character expressions
Thanks so much man!! I’m going to try to work on both of those chapter has so...many people and backgrounds (im so screwed lol!!)
dubiz senju
The whole "changing of reality thing" is never an easy power to contend against especially when it resides in the hands of unpredictable guys like the sophists but the fact that they haven't used it yet may suggest that they don't actually have all they need yet or know all they need to yet.
Ah yes you got it exactly!! The scary thing we know about this power is that it is almost all powerful...but its also in the hands of the most whimsical villains out there. Hopefully our heroes can adapt to this situation fast D:

And that is another excellent point! Maybe the sophists just don’t have the knowledge to access the full extent of the books power?
lol, geniuses at work right here. XD

I suppose it's better to keep everyone together though, there' some logic to keeping the kids around. Not because they want to but because of having them Close in hand if (read: "when") things kick off.
LOL! These are the ones who will protect and save us all ladies and gentlemen :D

Thats a great point! Having them close by would be best in the sense that they can protect them immediately, also I can say this entire planet is actually pretty sticking near them might not be a bad idea XD
Your character development and dialogue continues to impress. This page had me in stitches!
Thanks so much man!! I'm so glad I want more slice of lifey moments like this interwoven into this action mystery :)
"you're a really sad man" his nonreactive face as he said that made me snicker. i like how nonchalant they are after all that crazy stuff went down :>
Rabidus is my spirit animal XD. He's part of me and my friends/family that are viciously sarcastic only to each other hahaha

Yeah they're so used to this! Actually what a lot of them have gone through in the past dwarfs what's happened so far...even though they could have died literally at any moment, they've faced more "intense" situations :D