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"We were burned by Amon" Ha. Ha.

Also red-eye hype! We know Astaroth thinks... highly of Rai. So this should be interesting.
Lmao I couldnt see it any other way xD

Oh yeah, a bit...too highly of her

Wooh! I’m hyped too man finally revealed her, and you’re right, Rai and Astaroth are gonna make the story head in some pretty intense directions :).
Well this was a stuffed and insightful page. Then the Grand Narrative is some sort of sorcerors book I suppose? Except it’s power is more on a ridiculous, cosmic scale, since changing the nature of reality is nothing to sneeze at. Then again generic magic in general bends reality, but this seems more grandiose. I’m curious as to what else this tower holds. Also as to what this womans history is with the sophists.
Thanks so much!! I’m glad this page is stuffed...maybe too stuffed xD.

Yeah the Grand Narrative is a book , and being compared to a sorcerors book is not a bad comparison , also ..yeah , the Grand Narrative does some craaazy stuff on a giant scale, cant wait to show more :D

And I cant wait to show more Rai, well learn more in a prologue that ill upload like a chapter, (basically the next chapter)
damn the grand narrative is mysterious time to find it
A very mysterious thing indeed!! Hope they can find it :)
I honestly, would have never, thought that The Grand Narrative was a book! I think specifically because that's the first thing I Think about when I hear the Word "narrative". And that's what feels so clever about it. in a world/comic with so much figurative terminology you kinda had me thinking it would be a person/a concept/a place or something like that.

Well done, completely threw me off. Unless there's even more to it? Knowing your stuff, there still might be! =x
Haha so glad it was a bit of a surprise xD!

Yeah I sort of hijacked and twisted a lot of known words/meanings in this story for better or worse lol. Its so fun to play with terminology and their meanings...speaking of which, messing with meaning is something that will become relevant real soon :x

And as usual I can say you’re onto something with there being more to the Grand Narrative than it being a book. Thanks!

Perhaps your first instinct about it was sort of right as well in a way :)
Dera Nuel
I can see the layers of protection around the grand narrative heaping. Fist the Sophists, now by the Bastion of Esoterics.
Oh yeah! The Grand Narrative has some of the best security ever.

And right again, you’ve got my script xD, eventually the bastion of esoterics will be a place our heroes will have to visit...and is the arc im most looking forward too!
Jason Moon
Hmmm I wonder how this Bastion place has kept powerful beings from claiming those special items like the Grand Narrative? You would think the Sophists have made attempts to breach the place
Excellent questions dude! Yes you're right, as it appears it doesn't seem to be something that could stop the Sophists...

next page we will definitely see whether Meph or anyone has entered this bastion and perhaps grasped/used the Grand Narrative :)
The Grand Narrative sounds like an item everyone would want ^^;. I wonder how hard it is to get into that defense
Oh yeah! The dangerous part is there are very few people who are even aware of it's existence!

Ohh I can say at the very least getting to the lowest level of the abyss is near impossible :D
oooo intriguing! now im curious what the grand narrative can do.
I'm so glad you're intrigued by the Grand Narrative! I hope you like what gets revealed :D