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I feel like after a certain number of lost appendages, you're past "let me help" territory...
I do think you may be right, when you've lost your arm and are bleeding to death you might wanna prioritize yourself! My personal limit is anything pinky toe sized and bigger XD
Incubus is pretty intimidating here ^^;. I can’t see this ending well.
He is! Real strong guy thats what I can say :)

You may be right..
damn incubus hes crazy hes gonna kill them both. maybe not
No one escapes his wrath unscathed D:

We'll see soon! :)
Lin’s defense of his actions is questionable to say the least, if there’s a silver lining it’s that at face value here he doesn’t appear to be pure evil, only reckless and careless. Still I wonder who could be worse than him at ruling, unless he was refering to his fighting ability alone. Regardless these chaps seem to be at their ropes end here, the expressionless one is about to drain all the fun.
Ahh man your observations are always great and you also seem to not trust Lin and I can't blame you LOL. That is a great point, he is reckless and maybe even suicidal, always the most daring person is Wolf Gang :). As to the directors (the ones who might replace him) we shall see them next chapter!!

Incubus and fun don't mix XD
I also offer to help when I lose limbs.
Is there any other time to offer help!? XD
Jason Moon
Let the bodies hit the flooooooorrrr
Jason Moon
Hahahahaha!! XD
Well they’re B.o.n.e.d
LOL hopefully not but I can't say their odds are good.
"I'm just doing whatever the hell I want. that's always worked for me"-

He'd make an excellent sophist!

No wonder Voth is not happy.
So spot on, he does sound exactly like a Sophist there in terms of their values! Fun fact Idiko, Lin, and one other Philosopher King are suppose to sort of "mirror" certain sophists but that's later

Haha! Oh yeah, him and Iri have to deal with Lin's wise executive decisions all the time that must be fun xD.

That explains a lot! ;)
Dera Nuel
Incubus costumes in the last panels makes him look like a gladiator xD
LOL! That might be what I had in mind when I gave him this new costume XD