Chapter 2: Page 94

Chapter  2: Page 94 Chapter  2: Page 94
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Jason Moon
wow so I have a feeling sophists are going to be doing some slaughtering with all these ambitious people heading to Ruina
Man you got it!! I'm really super excited for Chapter 3: Grand Phantasia :D . As usual I can say it probably won't go in a place as expected, but the bloodshed from people outside Ruina coming to bounty something I can say will be a thing...a recurring thing XD
Lin, Porcia's almost as tall as you. What kind of six year olds have you been working with?!
LOL yeah Porcia and Iri are about the same height 5'8 ish, Lin is actually one of the shortest Philosopher Kings around 6 foot (they're tall peeps), I made him inconsistent on some panels though cause Lavavoth is a giant haha.
He can’t hide his secrets , just like he can’t see how tall his neice is
Lin has a lot of can'ts it seems hahaha!

He'll be a secret keeper for a long time for sure :)
Woo! All caught up again and just in time to reveal the grand mystery of the grand narrative and Specter it seems! I can relate to that feeling you have about reaching a point in one's comic where things are slowly starting to come together. It's exciting and scary. =D
WOOH! Glad you're caught up man :D. And yeah the perfect time, a reveal of the "Grands", or very important pivots in the story :) .

Ah glad I'm not alone in that feeling towards pivotal moments in the story. And those are the perfect words to describe the feeling haha, good luck to both of us then!
Time to get a peak inside Nixon’s head I suppose. Now I use that term loosely amd generally to refer to Lin’s scheming flavor only. Still not sure what his intentions are, but we’ll find out, it appears. Porcia’s cutiousity could be a double edged sword I’m guessing. Those young and vibrant, cat like heroines usually get themselves into heaps of trouble before they Save The Day.
I never thought I'd have Lin and Nixon be compared to each other XD. And yeah, he is a sketchy guy with secrets...and I'm glad his true alignment and intentions are still a bit sketchy :).

You also have Porcia on lock, she's sort of the Alice in wonderland of the story. For better or worse!
Dera Nuel
I'd love to take on the sophists too. Please tell me master... About the grand narrative
Dude right? If I was in this world and was a stronger character it would be fun to engage in an anime battle!

Haha XD, Master Lin is about to teach us the ways of the force.
Lin hes going to reveal the truth smh but maybe hes hiding something else
You might be right...he's about to reveal something, but who's to say it's everything o_O, btw hey freshprince :D
Porcia: SECRET (✿╹◡╹)
Hahaha preciouus secret!
Wow a big plot point is coming it seems ^3^. I've been curious about this grand narrative too. It sounds like a big part of the puzzle as it pertains to the sophists.
The Grand Narrative is definitely one of the bigger mysteries in this story! Funny enough the stuff at the end of this chap is a point that I planned to sort of be the start of the main story, can't wait to get to Chap 3 after a break and a new prologue :).
calm relaxation before impending doom
Hahaha that's the endless cycle in this story XD, I can say the contrast between light and dark moments will be even more drastic next chapter!
"lots of ambitious people from around the world"-

I feel sorry for these people already ;)

I really like the idea with the Grand narrative, the various realms and how they may be tied to each other. I'm aching to know more, especially what the Grand narrative says.
Those poor souls know not of what they’re getting into D:

Haha im so glad your curious about the Grand Narrative and the three realms :)! I love crazy concepts xD.

Oh yeah, Lin will give us something to work with here, he finally has no where to run haha
Porcia is funny. I’m interested in the grand narrative. I’m sure its a big plot point.
She is! We're supposed to see a bit more of her before this point in the story, can't wait for the prologue she has some cute moments :)

Ah yes, it's a big part of the story...but you probably already know that at this point haha
time for some big secret reveal?