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the destructions aftermath
The horrible consequences of riddle roulette! D:
Only took, what, 250 pages for the main cast to meet up? XD
LMAO! Right? Not too bad psh. something I'm trying to make a lil better on the break too xD
Lin trying to keep things under control ^3^. Fancy suit ^^
Haha yes indeed.

He has a way with words when he dawns that suit lol!
Jason Moon
ohhh man those poor guys all bloody and one missing a hand. Traumatic turn of events. That is a grand beautiful home!
They've seen hell itself and the worst part is they haven't even seen a glimpse of what the sophist are capable of D:

Thanks so much dude!! They have big bucks so they went all out XD
Its funny seeing Lin being so two faced here, but its still hard to tell whether or not he actually gives a woot about the <people> . Either way, saying he has no idea how the sophists came back to life is probably a lie given some of his interactions a few pages ago. He probably has SOME kind of idea.
You might just have Lin's psyche on lock here again xD. Ahh and that's a good theory, he might know what's going on, more than he lets on.

But he'll most likely keep on this political front, like Iri says he keeps those big secrets to himself xD
He decided to change out of his pajamas for the speech, wise choice.
LOL best decision of the arc for Lin, changing out of green pajamas xD
Beautiful house! Did you use a reference pic for it?
Thanks so much!! Yeah actually it's something a friend and I worked on a while back, some stuff uses actual references because they were going to be sort of models for clients lol. a lot of the more complex scenes I use definitely use lots of time a references, or help of another sketch up artist altogether :)
Dera Nuel
Lovely house in the last panel. Plus that was a really reassuring speech.
Thanks! we'll see a little more of the inside of. Yeah Lin knows how to reassure the public :). Let's hope he can back it up haha
damn Lin hes a king and he knows what to say.
He's planned it all out, or perhaps he's been in a situation like this before :)
Incredible backgrounds! Great that they escaped the sophists, but at a great cost. Lin continues to be a cool character
Thanks so much man! I don't think you'll see these replies sorry they're late XD
lin is such a smooth talker. its cool that they survived. what a nice house :>
Yes he is haha. They went through some crazy @ss stuff LOL

Right?! Nice beach looking house :)