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Just be glad he didn't use TWO fingers.
LOL oh yeah, lemme tell yeah, they are the luckiest people on the planet right now xD
damn the action its great incubus is too strong they had to escape. no shame
Thanks so much!! it was surprisingly fast to do with a new technique haha. the break coming up might not be more than a few weeks then :) (dont quote me lol)

Ah yes they were goners, pretty much their only option that involved...surviving xD
I’d be disgraced too if someone beat me with just their pinky. But then again he does have an the unstoppable monster thing going for him
Hahaha so true, I think id rage quit the game entirely if someone beat me just using their pinky xD

That is true, Incubus is one of the few characters where calling him unstoppable isnt an exaggeration by much!
And more questions surface, my memory is hazy but that hologram looks familiar. And Incubus is a candidate for the one who made Lin’s brother disappear, I’d wager there’s a decent chance but plot points such as that are never the <obvious> choice. In any case these sketchy chaps aren’t out of the clear yet.
Ah yes indeed! The mystery grows :D. In particular Lin's brother Jace is a big part of the story in terms of the mystery of his disappearance, it will be an obsession of Porcia's next chapter :).

And a great theory! It is possible, there's a lot of people that could have killed him really..

Yeah they're faarr from clear XD
This story has proven there are an infinite amount of ways of dying terribly in this world, but I’m assuming Jace was decently strong. And the fact that this was brought up in the first place makes me curious. Again, it could just be a red herring, but I’ll put some dime on that hypothesis. Either that or he got lost somewhere and starved to death. Anticlimactic but a more believable outcome when a person ventures into the wilderness.
Can’t wait to catch up.
WOOH! Hope you enjoy it man , looking forward to your comic too :D
Well I caught up. And what a ride! Incubus is incredibly powerful if he’s only using his pinky.
Jason Moon
The pinky of death, not about to get taken down by a pinky! lol Good thinking using that hologram at the last second, maybe they can close in
LOL beware of the pinky of death haha.

Yeah Lin has some decent battle strategies every now and then, lets hope they can rebound indeed :>
beware the pinky (´・ω・`)
it points...MENACINGLY (im dumb)
I love the mystery in this webcomic ^3^. I'll join the choir that's a scary pinky ^^
Wooh so glad to hear :D!! Haha this pinky is becoming legendary LOL
dubiz senju
oh come on! pinkys are cute and shouldn't be used for such! well, incubus probably does not know that! Nice hologram thing too,Lin,real cunning
Hahaha right?! Pinkies shouldn't have to be associated with something so deadly Incubus XD

True Lin can be pretty crafty when he wants :)
Dera Nuel
Small but mighty... Well at least in this case
Indeed! He's no where near the tallest sophist, but Incubus is quite possibly the strongest one :)