Chapter 2: Page 88

Chapter  2: Page 88
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Sovember 12th Feb 2019, 3:19 AM edit delete
News: Page on the way! Gonna have time to work on it till the afternoon at latest, but I'll throw up whatever I get done tonight when i get home xD.

Oh no bro! Thanks for reading! See ya Thursday for a long one.

Oh, that's convenient then. All the sophists are leaving soon!
We survived!


Enemies arbitrarily went on a one hour lunch XD
The ridged adherence to sustenance recess has proven much appreciated.
When you said recess I was thinking about the chocolate reese for a second LOL. Oh yeah, let's hope Incubus is hungry XD
time to shoot some birdies
Haha hopefully he's a bad shot XD
damn lin is strong but now incubus has a gun its not over
He is! Used a lot of protos to break down that euclidean space though!

And yeah, that's his signature gun, he might do something unexpected with it ;)
What are the limits of his teleportation ability? if I were him I would open a portal in front of those two and teleport them somewhere they couldn’t escape, actually an ability like that has endless repercussions for the unlucky victims.

In any case it appears he’s opted for force in a classic and familiar way, good for our protagonists(?) perhaps.
Ah great question! He does have limits with his teleportation, it has a range...but it's very VERY far so I don't know if I could call it a disadvantage in a fight lmao. Also making a portal takes an absurd amount of protos and mental energy if you will, so he can't have more than a couple big portals.

Yes indeed, he's opted to use a gun, for what we will see :D
Looks like they were able to escape this box ability of theirs, but I don't still don't have a good feeling about this ^^;
They broke outta there like nothin :)...and yes...they're not leaving here without something quite dramatic happens, that's what I can say!
Dera Nuel
Great way to end this page. What's he up to?