Chapter 2: Page 90

Chapter  2: Page 90
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Jason Moon
The shading and lighting on this page is fun to look at man! The eyes really stick out and you can see lots of emotion in their faces. Uh oh, best to avoid becoming Astaroth's property :0
Thanks so much man! Haha I'm glad the emotion looks okay here, I actually didn't use the references I usually do for the faces xD.

Oh yeah you said it, Rabidus would be wise to avoid Astaroth completely!
damn the kids don't know whats happening underground. lin sees something what is it
If only they knew half the horrors we have all witnessed in the abyss...including one of the most messed up games of roulette ever XD
People going missing without a trace is a frightening and unfortunate phenomenon, but it’s more believable here in this world with malicious spirits and demons and such. These kids are adorably optimistic, its pretty humorous after seeing what they’re up against. And it seems Lin is realizing he might have made a mistake or two, a little late to say the least.
Ahh yeah that's a good point! It is unfortunate that disappearances like that take place in our world as well, enough to be a problem, and haha for sure an unexpected disappearance in Ruina would be...less of an "unexpected" thing knowing all the horrors that lie outside of Paradises!

Yeah Porcia in particular is very optimistic, she's been through some hard times too and still seems pretty cheery..we'll see if she will stay the same by the end of this wild story!

LOL yeah, he's dun goofed XD
Last panel is me 90% of the time trying to fix things myself.
LOL it's me 100% of the time XD
Dera Nuel
New Fav Character...Lin!! Sorry Remy and Incubus, it'll get to your turns again.
Haha you have great tastes in characters man those are some of my favorites too XD.

Lin is a beast that's for sure!!
I think Astaroth might just be a huge creep who has the hots for your mom, Rabidus. There's not much else to it.
Haha you might be right, with what we've learned that might just be Astaroth's schtick...

Maybe he's just looking for someone to tell him the demonic killer guy doesn't have the hots for his mom XD
I really like Porcia ^3^ . I wonder what happened to her dad. Lots of mysteries
So glad you like Porcia :D. She's a big character and so is her dad, I'm actually going to be posting a new prologue that fleshes the kids and wolf gang a bit more after this chapter, might even post it like a normal chapter and move it to the back later :)
its genetic, that will be my excuse for everything lol
I recommend it , it works wonders XD
Unexpected character development here for the kids. I like how you show how everyone reacts to the mayhem going on. In most superhero stories consequences of normal citizens are ignored or glossed over, here it is a driving point of characterization. Excellent.
Dang That’s a really interesting analysis. And I agree completely, its interesting when citizens are effected by superheroes/villains shenanigans.

I dont know if i was deliberately trying to make that a theme but Im really glad you worded it that way, cause it makes sense! Thanks again flr the comments and reading dude :)
she's just like him, sorta. :>
Hahaha yes they are so alike :D .

Except...Porcia is...much much more innocent than Lin XD