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The Grand Narrative...See ya Monday!

Remember when this chapter was supposed to end at Christmas? Pepperidge farm amigos...

Huh, ok. So Incubus is currently a reanimated corpse somehow - and his master helps him out when he's in some sort of danger?
Ah yes you're definitely onto it there with the corpse being animated! We'll learn a bit more soon..probably real soon actually haha

And yeah his master cares about Incubus' well being probably more than all the sophists! Can't wait to show their twisted relationship lol! :)
wtf why did he shoot himself . damn that thing is a monster. meph is great hes too mysterious
Lolol! Yeah Incubus...does that when he wants to talk to his master here, as the guy said it's not entirely necessary, but he does it because his master tends to have a lot of things on his mind, so to speak, and shooting himself raises a red flag on his radar!
Could he just open a portal in front of this guy instead of giving himself brain damage? Well I suppose the master already pointed out how questionable the decision was.
Ah yes indeed he could! His train of thought with that is that he doesn't want to face his master again physically until he's completed the task he was sent out for, sort of an irrational fear/honor thing! And also creating a portal from him to the master takes more energy than the portal to his gun, which he has in a sort of invisible floating metaspace that's very close to him at all times (more on that later)!
This is an interesting development, or rather a reaction to subjects that are unknown to the party not in the abyss. Is Incubus under some sort of mind control? Or is he just a fanatic of a sort of cult? Sensitive data getting erased for political reasons has uncomfortable parallels with reality, and I'm guessing Lin is coping with something he doesn't like by making it go bye-bye, such a detailed and thought out solution, dictators would be proud of him.
Man thank you for your astute observations haha! What I can say is that Incubus is indeed devoted to this guy basically and why we will see :)

Yeah, there is definitely a parallel, I'll definitely go full information and security dystopia eventually :D. And very cool guess with Lin, he Idiko, and another Philosopher king are very controversial with their ruling methods, and they're all like futuristic spartans, some of the last kings that like to fight in the front lines as well as act like...normal diplomatic kings XD
I have a hard time picturing Lin being a diplomatic anything from what little I've seen of him, but it does seem there's a history that he's hiding for better or worse. And I hope you get to that information dystopia before it takes place irl. I hope that I jest instead of forecast.
Wow lots going on on this page ^3^. Incubus is one of my favorite characters despite how crazy he is ^^;. This grand narrative sounds like a problem, I wonder what it is.
So much happening indeed :). So glad you like Incubus! He's one of my favorites too, he'll do some crazy stuff that's guaranteed.

Ah yeah, it'll be a big problem indeed ;/
Jason Moon
A good shot to the mouth to have words with your Lord. Gnarly stuff!
Hahaha oh yeah Incubus doesnt hold back shots xD
dubiz senju
yeah trust incubus to do the unexpected, its crazy shooting himself in the mouth like that,reanimated corpse aside ofcourse...
Haha most definitely! He does the craziest stuff...pretty much every scene.

Ah yes, I'm glad you guys are onto the reanimated corpse thing, it'll be an interest point :)
Dera Nuel
This explains a lot. I've always wondered why Incubus couldn't die. Also when he said"permission to neutralize them"...ooooo how powerful is this guy?!
Haha I'm glad it explains it dude!! We'll learn a little bit more before the chapter ends :))

Yeah...Incubus is...a complete monster LOL we'll see soon :D
I went totally "err WHAT!" reading those first panels. Got me there xD

but well, in a way it fits, being chaotic and surprising and such ;D
Haha!! Yess the reaction I was going for XD

Yeah all the sophists will be very chaotic!
The way you build intrigue is amazing.
Thanks!! I try to trickle hints in every page :)