Chapter 2: Page 87

Chapter  2: Page 87
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Sovember 9th Feb 2019, 4:09 AM edit delete
Some action today before one last escape, not high odds of escaping..but when are there? Thanks for reading! See ya Monday.

I suppose if Lin got in, he should know the way out...
Yup For sure! He and Idiko also have had a lot of experience in the abyss , which also will tie into how they apparently know so much about whats going on . but this is all assuming they can escape ol blue :D
damn the action its great lin he has to get away from the alphas or its over
You're completely right dude!

Lin and Lava need to dip right now, or they're pretty much beyond boned :D
Seems like Lin is capable of not being a completely self absorbed king after all. The matrix like texture in the background can’t be a good sign. These villains remind me of the Brotherhood of Dada, on an unrelatated note, mostly in design.
Ahh yeah that's a great observation! Lin is definitely say the least lol, but he does have a responsibility streak when he feels like it.

Ah thanks! Looking those up those guys have such cool designs :DD, I hope i can keep up that look haha
Lin is an interesting character ^3^, I like his movie quotes in the midst of a dark situation. Lavavoth seems skeptical in that last panel but maybe i’m wrong?
Interesting is the word XD, haha YES movie quotes is exactly the kind of thing I'm going with him.

That's also a really interesting observation, not lots of people have 100% faith in Lin though so could be normal haha!
thats gonna leave a mark
If you're talking about the guy who got chopped in half? oh yeah it is...temporarily haha!
Jason Moon
Fantastic action! I was trying to comment last night but my computer was freaking out! Incredible shots man!
Thanks so much man! I'm going to start using a lot of crazy angles from now on in my comics I hope it shows :)) Thanks again!
Ha ha! Cruel wordplay.
Hahaha glad you enjoyed Lin’s word play XD
Who needs bullets when you can slice your pitiable targets in half
Hahaha yes, forget bullets Lin's on to something big here xD
and they just regenerate back already...

Lavavoth should put on his mask again, when everything else fails, he may still be able to scare the shit out of them with that mask o.O

(well probably not really, but I did think that mask looked pretty creepy)
its ridiculous can they stop an enemy that just keeps regenerating D: . Tactical nuke perhaps lol?

Ah yes, you're right he is much more menacing with that mask! Unfortunately he dropped it somewhere haha!
Dera Nuel
There's no crime in running. You may lose the battle, but you'll never win the war if you're dead.
So true! Why fight and sacrifice yourself if you can win the war later :)
Lots to catch up on! I'll ask though, Vapula gives me some Tara vibes. Any relation? =)
Oh man that's a great question, what I can say is the Sophists do have relations to a few characters in Wolf Gang...some may indeed be by blood :D , and Vapula and Tara did indeed know each other before they joined their respective forces
Your action angles are impressive here. It's vapula again, I suppose Lin knows about what's going on?