Chapter 2: Page 86

Chapter 2: Page 86
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He's transformed into geometry! Thanks for reading!

An enemy turning into geometry is the pretty much certain death.
Hahaha since the dawn of man, things transforming into geometry have been the fall of many a great warrior XD
What about an enemy turning into Calculus? Overkill?
Equivalent to dividing by zero!!
this is damn epic how is he that girl now and incubus is here wtf. bloodshed is coming damn
Haha yes your reaction is the same as poor lavavoth!

You might be right... especially with blue on the scene , things could get messy :x
Ahh yes..TOO much precision...h-how did you find the glorious inspiration so effortlessly!?!
This begs to question what exactly Amon has triggered here. Is this an illusion or more likely has he actually morphed into a different person? I don’t believe Kese can do something like this correct? If I were in this situation, I would jump ship. I get trying to figure out what’s happening might be a habit of his but in this case he’s better off taking off and analyzing it later.
Ahh those are really great quesions.. especially tying in Kese! He indeed is not capable of what we saw here, I can say this is an aspect and capability of "Alpha" heathens who will get expounded upon pretty shortly :)

Hahaha yeah, Lavavoth was the world's most obsessed Heathen hunter, so he's really curious about these "Alpha" heathens...but it might not be the time for it!
Oh I really like the design of the character Amon turned into ^3^. Also their attack name is really cool , I’d like to know what it does exactly. Lin is serious for once, that’s a change ^^;
Thanks so much!! She's a cool character and actually related to one of the sophists we saw a quick glimpse of earlier, we'll see her along with every sophist that's hanging out there in a group thing pretty soon it'll be more evident haha.

As to her power we'll also see that in a sec :D, yes..he's all jokes 99% of the time, even here he can't call Lavavoth by his real name LOL
Jason Moon
Interesting turn of events! Someone will die soon lol
Glad you think so dude!

You might be right...especially with Incubus on the scene, just look at that monstrosity LOL
dubiz senju
well it would be great to see how this unfolds, turning into geometry takes things to a whole new level
Glad you wanna see it unfold :D, it'll be a sight to see haha!

You're right man...metaphorically...and perhaps literally!
A less messed up version of Amon? Alpha-heathen related obviously, but I've no idea how. Also, as if him and his Boomer buddy wasn't bad enough, it looks like everyone is coming to join the party!
Hahaha less messed up Amon might be the most accurate description XD!

You’re absolutely right, now that Incubus is also in the fray things are going to get...absoulutely bonkers!!
Dera Nuel
Things just keep getting better.
Hahaha right XD
I did not see this coming.