Chapter 2: Page 85

Chapter  2: Page 85
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Sovember 1st Feb 2019, 6:46 AM edit delete
News: Page coming out tonight fo sho!!

Wooh! Sorry this is late, actually finished it earlier today but got roped into something.
Some final reveals incoming, and they'll be interesting :D. Thanks for reading! See ya Sunday for a long one!

Woah wait WHAT?!

Does the grand narrative make immortal heathens???
Hahaha yes a bombshell drops XD

That is a really great guess, what I can say the grand narrative does indeed tie into this craziness here, and well see some more about it before the end of the chap!
Jason Moon
uh oh this can't be good! It's like his healing powers are always in effect at a massive level. Great shots and emotions in all the panels man! I love the expressions, the smirk made me think he knew he was going to be ok no matter what
Indeed !! Amon and Beelzebub are apparently invulnerable...thats pretty much the worst power for rutheless villains haha.

Thanks so much man! Im glad the emotions come across , and great spot, at a certain point he knew he’d be juust fine haha xD
Oh wow thats very bad news if his assessment is correct ^^; . Invulnerability is a pretty hax power, wonder how Lavavoth can deal with this.
Haha yeah for sure! If they're truly invulnerable...there's not much one can do xD

He would be best to run away, but he is a fiery personality so we shall see :D
damn these guys are evil but crazy and now he can heal himself damn its over for lavavoth.
Indeed, It's a really bad situation for Lavavoth!

Hopefully he can run away, but that might not be in his personality D: . Though many characters in this story would say he deserves it XD
Dera Nuel
The scene where lavaroth appeared behind Ammon and decapitated him was really cool. I was like "lavaroth is King!!" Then Ammon had to regenerate and ruin the entire moment.
Hahaha yeah right! Lavavoth is very strong, and Amon had to go and ruin his glory XD

I can say though that Amon's "immortality" might not be as immortal as it seems :)
Amon is coming across as a complete madman in this sequence. I guess things are falling into place a bit more what with all this "alpha-heathen" talk? I'm wondering now, what with so much focus being on the heathen-aspect if the plan with Gorgias and "grand" narrative includes some sort of broadcasting of the heathen-agenda? Not sure how they'd go about it, but if it's about infiltrating a Paradise, well it's a working theory….
Haha yes!! I was hoping Amon came across as completely unhinged here XD. He's a pretty relaxed guy until he goes on an unchecked rampage, then he's an absolute madman.

Ah yes you're on top of the foreshadowing as usual, I can say we'll have a lot of things come together with the heathen and Grand Narrative relationship. And the broadcasting agenda is a super interesting and astute theory man!! and would seem to be inline with the nature of the Gorgias plan as vague as it appears to be at the moment'll all be a bit more clear at the very least pretty soon :))
Ammon decapitated!

See, that's what you get when you talk so much, and you definitely talk way too much-

Oh damn..
So Amon is immortal? Is this similar to what happened when Idiko stabbed Astaroth.
Ahh yes...we will find out whats up with these resurrected sophists :) .

I can say its something to do with a certain narrative.