Chapter 2: Page 84

Chapter  2: Page 84
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Brought to you by Tarantino and Michael Bay. And so this page will be the last I can work on for about a week! We'll be back not this, but next Thursday!

Also an update on the end of the chapter. I keep giving a date for when Alpha Nightmare will end but keep missing it haha, but these are truly the last couple pages right here. Instead of a secure end date I'll just keep it vague and say it's ending soon XD. Thanks for reading! See ya next Thurs!

AngryRob made a masterpiece of a sophist we've only seen a quick glimpse of a few pages before! Grouped with other magnificent comicfurian creations :)
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Death and decay.
The sophist trademark!! XD
Wow the action on this page is incredible ^3^. Those poor guys are getting butchered. I don't see how he can survive this tied up like that. ^^;
Thanks so much!! I love explosions and Beelzebub brings 'em 10 fold :D

Yeah this is probably one of the worst on screen displays of death so far in the story, and it's just the intro for these infamous brothers! If only this part of the squad stuck with Lin while they were trying to escape..
I wonder what happens if Beelzebub and Amon accidentally hit each other? Unstoppable killing machines aren't everything, after all.
Lmao! That's a great point and actually Beelzebub does get burned a lot but Amon in particular has been severely hurt..many the boom.boom.boom.boom! XD
oh dear... the two last panels. Mr boom boom doesn't look like the brightest bulb in the lamp though, maybe make use of that ..somehow?
The chaos and nightmare finally arrives in the last few pages D:

Yeah Beelzebub is definitely not the sharpest tool in the box lol. And you're right that would be a great strategy for ol lavavoth there!
Now this begs to question how strong these two are and if Lavavoth can take them out. However he seems to be tied down at the moment. Meph taking Kese away is an interesting development but I have no idea where he’s going with it, figuratively or literally.
Those are some great questions! We just might see if Lavavoth stands a chance at all real soon .

Ah yes glad you think its an interesting development :). Meph always has some sort of plan and whats interesting and will be made more clear pretty soon is that this is an earlier version of Meph, so his personality is a bit different than the Meph thats leading the resurrected sophists !
Jason Moon
I fear I would easily get hijacked if I was in this world! That posession was creepy man great stuff! That fat villain is awesome man, fight scenes are badass
I would also get hijacked haha, no way I'm staying super calm throughout this insane world XD

Thanks man!! Yeah Beelzebub is a maniac, he definitely keeps things interesting haha!
damn the story is so complex nice. where is kese going wtf that fat guy is a monster
Thanks!! I'm always trying to make a complicated story haha. Kese's going off the grid...but he shall return :P
Argh! My memory is so bad! Have we seen Beelzebub Before? I feel like I shouldn't forget a face like his but there you go. I Always enjoy those twisted face designs of yours.

Also, there you go, Meph knew just how to own Lavavoth here, with a cool head. Of course, Kese himself might not have known that Amon and Belzeboom were on their way. =D
Haha its probably not your fault! He was revealed in one panel. He came in to help Amon fight Lin :). Man im so glad you like their designs his is one of my favs so far .

Hahaha yeah you know Meph so well, hes always in total control even without using force. We’ll see some interestings developments from Kese and Meph cant wait :D
Dera Nuel
Love this page. It's very realistic. Poor guys. They never stood a chance.
Thanks so much man!! Glad it comes across as realistic more horror like this to come in this story haha.
What an explosive page no pun intended! I can't get enough of your villain designs. And the way you build your worlds mechanics and magic systems is nothing short of fascinating.
Thank you so much for all the comments again man!! I really appreciate your time and im glad you’re liking the story so far!! Haha yeah its a real explosive page, Beelzebub will be back soon :)