Chapter 2: Page 83

Chapter 2: Page 83
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Sovember 17th Jan 2019, 5:26 AM edit delete
Kese choosin' sides, Or perhaps neither at all! Thanks for reading! See ya Sun.

I'm scared of his idea xD
You are very justified in being afraid of Meph's ideas my friend hahaha XD
Well kese has a point wanting to get away from all these madness if meph will let him that is
True man! Kese has finally seen that he's entered into a crazy world that he actually wants no part of ...but will Meph let him leave it?
Jason Moon
Interesting that Meph keeps his men at bay! Maybe he is testing to see if the boy can tap into some kind of transformation or maybe a new power
Glad you noticed that man! Yeah Meph is choosing to stay out of this moment and let Kese choose...wonder what his motive is...

That's a fantastic theory! We'll find out soon
Wow intense page ^^; So many things said that must have been held inside for a long time. I hope Kese made a good decision ^3^
Glad it's intense :)). And yes well spotted! He's holding in a lot of intense emotions and letting them out...but at the same time he feels like it won't be worth it to get involved in this crazy war..I hope so too!
Is the idea that you take control away from Kese entirely and just make him a slave to your whims?
That's a great theory and definitely in vain with Meph's personality!

We'll see next page what ol' anime joker's up to haha.
I'd vote for "neither at all". He's right, they're all insane.
Indeed! It's the moment Kese realized he was Alice in wonderland .. if only he had found a way to not get involved in all this madness, or perhaps he never had a chance to escape D:
damn the emotion its great. meph is a mastermind. kese dont go to the dark side rofl
Thanks so much man!! I had fun drawing these faces hope I can kee up the emotions .
Kese, it's a simple choice, If the crazed madman wants you to do something, you do the opposite. I'm not exactly sure if I'm talking to someone with a cool enough head to absorb that right now though. =P
Haha so true! Doing anything lavavoth says is a recipe for disaster XD

Hopefuly he learns from this experience, but theres definitely a lot of baggage to overcome
Dera Nuel
I'll pick neither... It's becoming tougher for me as a reader too. I'm getting so attached to the characters, I don't even Know which side I'm on.
Haha I feel the same way! And it means a lot that you’re growing attached to the characters on both side dude, im glad!

I hope I can keep those mixed feelings going throught this story of philosophers vs sophists :)
Meph and Kese's dynamic is very unique and insane, in a good way ha. I'm glad we got to visit them again.