Chapter 2: Page 82

Chapter  2: Page 82
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A couple more things...Thanks for reading! See ya Wed!

What's up with rat person, exactly? Like what's their deal.
Lmao! Yeah Aeshma of 4 of the strangest sophists ever. Also one of the first I ever came up with even before Meph. He's part of a subgroup called the Absurdists, and they're real nasty!

As to why he is like that...I don't even know where to begin xD. But we'll see him sooner than later!
Jason Moon
wow some of those masked characters in the ruins of that city give me the creeps man!
Thanks man!! Really glad they come across as creepy, and these are some of the tamer looking ones XD
damn that guy is freaky and funny though lmao , its Kese again whats he doing ?
He's a complete monstrosity hahaha. I have no idea what was going through my mind when I made him :D
I really like this cast of villains ^3^. The designs are so diverse. Very scary at times too.
Thanks!! I do like to have lots of whacky diverse looking villains :)).

And very scary indeed..this page is sort of calm before one last storm...
Dera Nuel
Love the "league of villains" vibe this page is giving. Did anyone else notice that Gorgia has been taken over.
Thanks man!! I'm glad that's exactly what I was going for.

Haha yeah unluckily no one noticed her being taken over..if only they did, they might be able to do something!
Oho, the Gorgias plan is already coming into effect? I like this jumping to and from between scenes. Very cinematic and it makes me feel as something's about to burst!

Also, I can't help but like those crazy sophists sometimes. And by crazy, I don't mean spring break crazy. Just batty. =D
Oh yeah, Chapter 3 hasn't even started yet and the Gorgias plan is already unfolding :))

Thanks!! Really appreciate that you interpreted that way as that's exactly what I was going for! A bit of a frantic pace. And something about to burst is straight prophetic haha.

Right!? I mean they're completely mental but...that's the appeal no XD
More sophists? I wonder why they didn’t help Rakshasa.