Chapter 2: Page 81

Chapter 2: Page 81
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It begins. Thanks for reading!

See ya SUN night.

Hmm... wonder what they're planning with Gorgias. I don't think she's just there to bring another Sophist back to life...

Also holy COW Incubus is jacked. Like I know I said that last page but
you could grate cheese on those abs. Dude, why have you been wearing a shirt up til now?
Yup! You've been spot on with what's going on with Gorgias despite it being pretty vague up till now. I can say they're planning something pretty crazy with her haha.

LOL yes, he's always been ripped, the fancy suit is a lie XD

I'm trying to think of a jojo esque scene where I can have Incubus grate cheese with his abs...without it derailing the would be worth it hahaha!
Whoa! Incubus is a hunk! XD
Hahaha yes XD , he’s deceived us all!!

Why who knows :P
damn wtf theyre giant monsters , the lion guy is cool. theyre all plannin something evil but what this crazy
They're finally here :D. Haha yeah they'll reveal who they are soon, but the lion's guy's name has already been mentioned he's Gigalock!

They are planning something...what exactly who knows!
Well theres a bombshell. But I suspected something of this nature from last page as an indication. This still begs to question wjat these things are exactly but I’m getting alien or god vibes, maybe both who knows. I also wonder how strong these two are and why they’re using the sophists as pawns? In any case I suppose the pressing matter is why aliens err..gods...what-have-you are interested in planting a “seed” in a young girl ^shutters^
Me likes to drop the bombshells :). Ah yes glad it was hinted at a bit, these guys will be revealed in a little more detail a bit here soon but they will have that mysterious vibe haha.

Ohh good question, these two are indeed super super strong, I won't reveal how strong but let's just say they, like incubus, have something holding them back from being super proactive. If they could they wouldn't have to rely on the sophists to do what they want!

Haha yes, this seed will be bad news...
I don't know, the "seed" they planted always seemed like the heathen strat to me. Plenty of damage they could do inside a Paradise. Guess the question is more whether they want her for her or because where she can get to?

Also, am I to take it that those aren't just statues/means of communication? But actual... giants/gods of some sort? So there are unseen "higher" powers at work too?
Ahh yes you've picked up on that like a few others :D
She is indeed been bitten by a "heathen snake", we're about to get enlightened on all this heathen business real soon but I think you've probably got a great grasp on what they did.

Exactly, what is their intention with Gorgias? That's the dangerous question...She's the daughter of a deceased Philosopher King so she has access to some pertinent info (heck she's sitting in the same car as The Historian herself XD)

And yup again! Those are real flesh beings there...giant flesh beings. You're probably on the right track with your theories but we shall see :)
Jason Moon
A seed has been planted? I just hate it when the enemy charms one of your characters in the party to attack your allies! (A boss in FF12 has been giving me trouble because of its ailments it throws!!) Great page man, Lots of great backgrounds to look at. And these characters in the lower abyss look really cool!
Hahaha yes! Man love that FF12 reference, glad to see someone who plays the same games as me XD.

Good luck on that FF12 boss. Now I wanna play some FF6, 7, and 12 heh.

Thanks so much dude! I really am glad to have finally gotten here, been itching to draw a lot of these ethereal characters :))
Holy moly things can get crazier can't they ^^;

These guys are scary looking and don't seem to be very nice judging from what they're saying. Poor little girl, looks like she's being used. Interesting times ahead I'm sure ^3^
Things can and will get crazier >:D

Yeah these two are terrifying as they look. Them being enemies of the philosohpers is...very bad news to say the least!

Yeah...poor Gorgias is still oblivious to what's happened to her, she'll find out pretty soon :(
Haha yup, interesting is definitely an appropriate word!
So they got in a mole now. Not sure what will it do, spying? damage too? Or... is it contagious? o.O

Just love the visuals in panels 8, 9 and 10.
Haha yup, they got themselves a spy/soldier that's unaware of her role at the moment!

She might just do all of the above D:
That's a great question, luckily becoming a heathen isn't contagious, you can only become one if you get bitten by Incubus' snake, luckily we'll get the heathen stuff cleared up here soon!

Woo Thanks so much!! I'm glad as those are panels i've wanted to draw for a while :D
BiG and SCARY. but the lion one is kind of cute aww
Hahaha! I never thought I'd find someone say that about Gigalock xD. Don't tell him that, that would lead to something bad lol!
Dera Nuel
What a Mastermind!! I didn't expect they'd have a plan like this.
The master of all masterminds indeed! (Well besides Meph haha).

Yeah, they've been scheming secretly this entire time :)
dubiz senju
Its always good tactics to have a spy within especially one who is unaware,the sophists really planned this out well,though i wonder if they consider the loss of rakshaha a big loss
I agree, the fact that they made a spy that's unaware it's helping them is even more scary and clever!

That's a great question! We'll probably see more on that soon :)
Incredible page! There’s more happening in this story than I imagined. Those giant demigod looking creatures are fascinating and lovecraftian. What is this seed?
Haha thank you so much dude, I was hoping you’d like this twist :).

Ahh yes you got it! Those guys are big players in this world, can’t wait to show more of them, and lovecraft is my dad!