Chapter 2: Page 80

Chapter 2: Page 80
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Sovember 5th Jan 2019, 4:28 AM edit delete
News: Wooh! Page coming out Wed! Mb been training for a race that's coming up on 27th, got lots to do @_@, but the show goes on :D.

Action and a sinister familiar face today... Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend..

Dang was Inky this jacked before though? Has he spent the past decade just doing pushups?
Hahaha he took a liking to P90X specifically the back and bicep videos xD

He wasnt super jacked but he was in decent shape before :)
damn this is epic theyre killing them all and incubus is super strong wtf why is there a planet
Haha glad to hear you like it :D

Incubus is not only the strongest sophists, he's one of the strongest people on the planet!
I do like the european gothic background scene with the planet. This brings to question a lot of questions, who are the disembodied voices there and what do they want with Incubus? Are they the ones who brought the sophists back to life and if so what are they? Some sort of gods? If they’re gods I want to know why they don’t do things themselves unless they just prefer to be more hands off.
Thank you so much! I'm glad you like the castle and planet thing, this scene and a lot coming up are about to explain A LOT of stuff and hopefully give the greater context of what exactly these mysterious bad guys have been doing and how.

All I can say is it will tie in a bunch of stuff that's happened in the story before this chapter ends you'll have many of those answers :)
I'm going with some sort of gods or perhaps even extraterrestrials. But who knows, I am curious as to how exactly they've cheated death. I know it has something to do with these heathens that Meph is creating but apparently these guys are the ones facilitating this group as heads.
This was a crazy page to wake up too ^3^. Very dynamic and engaging action here. I might have to check but Obscurity was the name of the guy that popped in during the riddle game right? I don't know where this is going but I feel like it's going to get more crazy, in a good way. If that's even possible ^^.
Haha I'm glad to always provide the crazy :D.

Thank you! It was a lot faster and easier to draw this quick action scene than I thought! I have a little more action to draw in this chapter and the rest will be tying a lot of stuff together in a way I look forward to :D. Oh it is possible btw!
Spider girl spider girl 🎶
Does whatever a spider girl can :D
Jason Moon
Castlevania vibes on this page!! XD
Hahaha yes!

That's a high compliment I love Castlevania, thank you dude xD
Jason Moon
Now Idiko's Paradise needs to become a videogame too :D
Haha YES that'd be a dream come true XD, i'd probably suck at it though haha
"Rakshasa died again"-
lol, it sounds like he fails and fails over and over again xD

Our pale "hero" is back!

uuugh seed o.O
LOL! Right? Rakshasa what are you doing man? Immortality and you're still this sloppy pshh..

The "hero" returns to do very...heroic things I'm sure xD

He had to use that word, I wish it wasn't as bad as it sounds :S
Dera Nuel
Incky is back!! Tarantula would make a good spiderwoman (I think that what she is already)
Right!? It's been too long since our blue hero has returned to the screen XD

Definitely. She's basically a version of spiderwoman lol
Huh? So maybe that really is Idiko? I def thought something was up. Nvm that though, Incubus is here and he's wearing bothing but a loin cloth so you know it's about to go down!
Yup! You’re right for being skeptical, could have easily been a trick, luckily these guys lucked out tonight :)

LOl! You know when Inky is wearing nothing but a loincloth things are about to get real!!
Fantastic action. And surprising to see Incubus again. He’s jacked.