Chapter 2: Page 79

Chapter 2: Page 79
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Sovember 3rd Jan 2019, 5:52 AM edit delete
Wooh! Sorry this is so short, hectic day! (Also I'm monstrously slow at action...but it shan't be passed xD)

Thanks for reading! See ya Friday for a long one.

damn idiko strong as hell took off his head, but hes about to pass out those things are freaky
He is haha, he had finished his fight with astaroth apparently! As to whether Rakshasa is gone...he doesnt have a good track record with staying ‘dead’

I’m really looking forward to next page never thought i’d get to this part xD
There goes the evil riddle man. Idiko looks like hes hurt bad ^^; Hope Tara can take those things out. But I don’t doubt it.
He had a really good run that riddle man XD.

Oh she's a native here and used to take them out for fun pshh...but there are A LOT of them :S
It looks like Idiko is in tathers here , what’s the power scale here is? He took Rakshasa out with ease but that was a surprise attack. And that seemed all too easy. Just seems like another trick.
He's all messed up!! As for the power scale, that's something I'll go into more detail eventually but yes Idiko has the highest potentiality in this room :D.

All too easy...indeed. I've made a story that creates massive trust issues XD
Jason Moon
WOW! I wonder if losing his head will keep Rakshasa down??? It was awesome none the less XD Tara is flipping in to kick some ass
Haha Idiko has been hitting those reps in the gym man XD

Thats a great question...can he recover from a beheading ? If so the sophists are officially aliens lol!

He made it look too easy right? You know Taras about to kick all kinds of butt!!
Dang Idiko putting in overtime, beating Astaroth (i guess?) AND taking down Rakshasa? Rest of Wolf Gang needs to step it up.
Oh yeah Idiko putting it in after dealing woth Astaroth...and making it look like an episode of One Punchman xDThey definitey do rofl, especially Remmy and Bogdan they’ve been quiet on the action front hehe.

Maybe with more prep they’ll do better, but the straight power gap is still..really big haha.
Tara to the rescue . Those things are creepy
Spider girl always putting in work :D

Mares and creepy are hand in hand!
Yay party time! ;D

Did Rakshasa's head just evaporate?
Haha nightmare party time is the best time :DD

Lmao it does look like that huh? he sliced it off, we'll see it next page :)
Dera Nuel
Perfect timing Idiko!!
He has it down to an art!
Good ol' last minute save. I will say I'm surprised that we didn't see thec conclusion to the Astaroth fight. Unless you're planning something sinister and this is all a ploy!
Haha yup! I wanted Astaroth and Idikos best techniques to be a bit of a secret :D . They did end up fighting a lot more :)