Chapter 2: Page 78

Chapter 2: Page 78
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Go time! Thanks for reading.
See ya in the New Year! Happy New Year!

BTW SUPER cool art I got from Jayylyn in a giveaway thread she did! Tara as Mileena from Mortal Kombat!!

Oh, huh, it WAS "tarantula".

I poked fun at Tara for saying centipede and all, but I kind of assumed it was "wolf" up until the end.

Wolf can refer to both the animal and the gang. Wolves have multiple legs (4 is more than 1, after all). Some members of the Wolf Gang are here, and some aren't. And... well, Wolf Gang's probably had six members die on them in various locations, right?
Hahaha yeah I was getting nervous cause you and a couple others were onto it xD

To be fair, centipede was a pretty...sketchy answer LOL

Thats a really interesting answer and you know it would have been pretty fitting! Dang you’re giving me ideas actually haha. Now im wondering how many other answers could have fit :}
dubiz senju
Oh! I never imagined that the answer would be Tara herself. There is just no reasoning with rakshaha after all, after following the rules and answering his riddle, his reward is to kill makana?!
Haha glad that the riddle was a little tricky! I was actually worried it might have been too easy xD.

You are 100 percent correct. Rakshasa promises to let people live after winning his game, but he is not being very gracious here that’s for sure !
hell yeah i was right it was her and dam idiko is back and he killed rakshasa wtf but there are lots of monsters now its not over
Haha fantastic guess xD. So much happened this chapter but its mostly Tara’s arc .

Idiko returns to save the day...but wheres Astaroth o_O
The riddle’s reasoning itself is not something I would have figured out but it makes sense in a twisted way, I suppose. Rakshasa might be one of the worst game hosts I’ve come across, his winning contestants get their comrade killed and have to fight a bunch of abominations. Lucky day?
Yeah the riddles explanation itself is pretty wacky haha! Glad it sorta makes sense to you, even if vaguely in a twisted way haha :)

You said it...all that effort to beat his impossible riddle and this is the prize he gives them..he lives up to the name Sadist at the very least !
Wow , that was an eventful last page of the year ^3^. When Remmy says that was part of an illusion, how much of it was an illusion? Tarantula never answered the centipede? Trippy indeed ^^. I like the cinematic flow here ending with a heroic rescue, looks like a big battle is coming.
Happy new Year ^^
Haha so much happening on one page :D. Fun fact this is probably my longest page yet!

Yeah when he says that he means at the very least the part where Tara had to place a bet and onwards was an illusion. Everything that's being repeated on this spage :).

Thanks!! And yeah I'm hyped but also not hyped to draw lots of action XD HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
Jason Moon
Really cool fan art! Yay! Tara got it! Love that ending panel hahaha looks like he didn't see that one coming LOL!
She did a wonderful job right!? I love her style it's so appealing :).

Wooh! She figured it out :D, that would have been bad if she didn't haha..

LOL yeah Rakshasa lets his guard down too much the cocky guy!
Tara! xD

Yes, I started to think about something like that midpage before seeing the solution, something with a tarantula because of all the legs. I did not think about the person though, or about "legs lost because hands".

The last panels... this is not over yet D:

Happy New Year! :D
Tara Tarantula was under our noses the whole time XD

Ahh yeah I'm glad it came to you before then, was it when Remmy started realizing too I'm guessing :). You know your theory answer earlier was mind blowing I kinda shoulda went with something like that LOL

Just when you think it's all last battle D:

Happy New Year!! :))
lol, Rakshasha I don't know whether to clap or shake my fist at you. A description masked as a riddle. To be honest, I never would've figured that out. I was way out thinking about abstract and/or literal answers far a field. So fist shaking it is I guess.

That's a real cool sequence for Tara though, she kind of steals the show whenever she's around. =D
Hahah! Probably a clap and fist shake combo?

He really is the worst ain't he xD, and this is probably one of his easier games. The guy has no remorse.

Man thanks so much, glad to hear that! I have to agree something about ol Tara just demands attention, she does stand out physically and personality wise among the group that probably helps haha!
Dera Nuel
Never would have thought but nice job Tara!! Now to the after party.
Haha you were close though man! You said a spider I think you were kinda right XD
Incredible page. I was also fooled, had no idea the answer was Tarantula. It looks like Idiko’s come to help.
Thanks much!! I’m really glad the riddle surprised you a bit, Rakshasa has some very strange game haha.

Oh yeah Idikos finished his fight with Astaroth just in timee :)
That's what I figured, the fight must have been off screen.