Chapter 2: Page 77

Chapter 2: Page 77
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News: Page coming out tonight! Happy almost new year!

A bunch of crazy stuff goes down! And the specter named Obscurity returns..time for all or nothing! Thanks for reading! Merry X-Mas!

Of course... something that Rakshasa finds interesting...

The answer is baking shows!
edit: I wanted the answer to be harder..

h-how did you piece together he loves cooking?!
The specter comes in to make things weird ^3^.
That was quite a christmas page . I wonder if this guy is really trying to help, he could easily come across as a villain but you never know.

Merry christmas ^^
Obscurity likes to come in all...obscure like and such XD.

Thanks! Glad you liked it even if it's not the most Christmas-y page haha! Yeah, who knows if this specter is trying to genuinely help or not, then again the smile doesn't help, we all know someone who smiles a lot and he's not exactly trustworthy lol.

Merry Christmas :)
this is damn crazy i was mad cause remmy died but it was a dream cause of the specter wtf. he has to solve the riddle
Haha yeah this is actually the second time Remmy's almost died but got out, he's a very lucky fellah!

Hope he can figure it out or his luck will run out D:
Now I think my theory still holds as a possibility but Im not sure what this specter is doing in the equation. Something Rakshasa finds interesting, that could be anything, again I feel like it is tied to the nonsense he was spouting throughout the chapter. If this was an Illusion of Remmy dying , whats to say there weren’t more illusions prior? I’m not going down that rabbit hole as this riddle is already ‘bull’, as Remmy so eloquently put.
Ah yes great analysis again!! The specter does make things even more he working for Rakshasa? If we assume he isn't then his hint is still pretty vague..what exactly does Rakshasa find interesting.

Super cool that you tie it back to Rakshasa's nonsense, that could always mean something...or perhaps nothing at all :D, a bunch of bull XD
If he’s working for Rakshasa then he’s really doing some roundabout manipulation here, but that wouldn’t be out of line with the behavior of the sophists. But I’m going to assume he is trying to help, because I feel the contrary would make this situation absolutely hopeless for our group here.
when death isn't the end
That's when you take a great sigh of relief my friend XD
Alright, I was with Remmy in theory. But it seems that you gotta play the game either way. Rather than breaking the game, putting yourself in Rakshashas shoes and figuring out what kind of riddle he'd construct?

Again, I'd still be proper screwed but since Remmy's had some experience with him, he might be able to figure it out.

And you actually got me good with the illusion. I genuinely thought he croaked there...
Ah yeah , I would also be with Remmy too haha. This game is very unfair but he just might be persuaded to try out the riddle thanks to thiss specter! Rakshasa will actually let people go/live if you win his game...but that rarely happens.

Yeah, out of them all Remmy’s played his game with Idiko and Lin( as well see in a quick flashback) to whether or not that will help him win...hopefully.

mission accomplished XD. Obscurity is a troll if there ever was one haha!
I see, finding the solution of a riddle ties with finding out how the maker of the riddle generally thinks. ..I'm still lost though.

Yes, not quite sure what the specter actually wants.
Ah yes indeed, this riddle is very esoteric but probably has ties to how this madman thinks..if only he was a little easier... to read right xD

Yeah the specter might be an even bigger mystery!
Dera Nuel
Whew! For a moment there I thought Remy was gone. Thank you o wise spectre.
Haha I'm glad he's not dead too he's too hilarious to die right XD

The wise specter graces us!
Dera Nuel
Yeah! He's definitely the funniest character in the series.
Jason Moon
Twisted page!!
Mwhaha thanks man! :D
Tara lives, I live*__*
That's the way xDD
Wow! I also thought Remmy died. I’m glad he’s doing ok.
WTF! i thought Remmy died and went to purgatory, but its a specter? so many mysterious people and agents in this story.
Yeah Remmy dying was an illusion :) . The specter here will come back many times, he's a...big part of the story that's what I can say =D