Chapter 2: Page 76

Chapter  2: Page 76
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Remember Forwards.

Oh. Well, it was a good run.

I feel like there's multi-legged animals that Tarantula is more familiar with?
It's been a good 2 chapters my wolfy friend(s) T_T

Ahh I'm guessing you noticed Rakshasa's reaction to Tara's answer? You could be very right, and she miight be getting close that's what I can say.The others are pretty dang stumped so while anyone dying would be bad...Tara dying would probably mean everyone dies. No pressure guys :D
I'm just sayin' that "hmm... what is an animal with a lot of legs... one that I, a person named Tarantula, would be familiar with... must be a centipede" isn't her smartest move so far.
Ohh haha I misinterpreted that xD . And now that you mention it , it really should have been her first guess lol. Actually thats pretty tragically hilarious if thats the right answer xD. Welp we’ll see she didnt just make a giant mistake soon :)
And she even went with a bug, I’d say that was the misstep of the year.
Haha She is going to be feeling IRONIC GUILT for ages if that's the case xD
damm i think the answer is tarantula it makes sense . 3 legs its but idk that thing is back and its gonna kill one of them smh..they messed up.
...I think the popular consensus in Tarantula LOL.

And yeah, the specter is back :(. If you remember that thing is supposedly invincible!
I read through this chapter again and one of the things that perplexes me is the random nonsense Rakshasa says. It’s like they’re hints but I can’t really tell or maybe its just an expression of his psychotic-ness. Feels like some WW11 codebreaker thing going on but when that girl said “Tarantula” I think it points towards that being the answer, it would be the most fitting, but I could be wrong.
Ahh thanks so much for reading it again sir :D. I had actually planned to make this chapter shorter but here we are near 80 again psh.

And very interesting you bring up Rakshasa's speech patterns, I can't say too much on them right now but that's a great guess and cool bringing up parallel to history! He does have a disorganized way of thinking and went through some "experiments" I can say that.

That is a good point as to why it could be Tarantula and from a narrative point of view it'd be fitting yeah xD.

But you never know with the Sophists, I can say the chapter definitely won't end off in a way most suspect :D
The sophists have been mysterious tricksters so far but this ones the first to bring up a puzzle, which I tackled assuming it has a logical answer, but that might have been foolish. Again, I could be wrong, but she’s been a focus this chapter.
Looks like I missed some mayhem ^^; I like how this riddle is so complicated but it might have a simple answer reminds me of an rpg. At first I thought it was something to do with a metaphor , not an actual animal. What in great green pastures is that thing on the last panel?
Hey! You didn't miss much...everyone's just about to die LOL

Ah that's really interesting how you say it reminds you of an rpg I never thought of it like that. I know I played a lot of Final Fantasy but I did think the riddle came out of nowhere, could have been a subtle inspiration! And also interesting how you thought of a metaphor at first wonder what it was?

THAT is a specter, it's an invincible transcendental deity we say half way through the chapter...yeah bad news!
the last image made me jump o.O
Haha yess! all according to plan XD
If tara dies i die
Hahaha thats my philosophy too xD
Jason Moon
I can't help but wonder what Rakshasa's voice sounds like lol he is creepy like the riddler from batman. I can picture him having a creepy whispery voice or like a raspy voice that chuckles XD
Hahaha oh man that is EXACTLY what I had in mind as well xD.

I can't choose between a sort of soft whispery voice, or a deep raspy one...I guess I'll let it be up to the imagination of each person :D
If its time to die. It's time to die.
Haha sounds like a soldiers mantra indeed !

Hope it doesn't come true though DX
Gawd I hate this riddle... XD Tara seems to be pulling alot of weight in this, but I am kinda with Remmy in a way. It seems like one of those games that isn't designed for winning...
Hahaha I'm glad you can relate with Remmy here, and yeah Tara's really thinking hard as usual, but Remmy being fed up proobably is the right attitude towards this.

It's really not looking like it's going to be worth it if he's gonna be this...ridiculously difficult lol. We'll see what becomes of it all soon :D
Dera Nuel
Spider??? I think its spider.
Great theory man! you might be close :), especially since it has multiple legs definitely can't be an antelope or something hahaha
Very scary turn of events. I hope they notice that thing.