Chapter 2: Page 75

Chapter  2: Page 75
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Jason Moon
I really like how you jump around between groups of characters so fluidly. Lots of depth to your story and enviornment to where I actually have to look super closely or I miss stuff. This game is terrifying, I'm horrible at riddles so I would be screwed here lol.
Thanks so much dude!! That's super appreciated, I'm never sure how well I'm doing with transitions so it's great to hear it's alright :)

Ah thanks again about the story and environment! I did want it to be a super complicated story haha, I probably got inspired by Metal Gear Solid in that aspect! And me too...I mean I made this riddle but I get scared just looking at it LOL
Tara's actually heard this one before so there's no problems there.
You already know when it comes to Tara, she knows all!

And without spoiling, sheee probably would probably be the one to know anything about this beast of a riddle haha, but her actions this chapter that's a gimme lol
"When I look to, I'm also missing Three legs?", is it supposed to say "west" there? Or is that a Rakshasha ploy?

Either way, RAKSHASHA YOUR RIDDLES ARE TOO LONG! I'd probably go the way of Remmy here. =P

And boy, I've either not been checking in often enough or you've started producing faster. Good news for me is that I had a lot of pages to go over in one fell swoop! ^_^
Yeah it's totally supposed to say west LOL. I'll change that soon, that's a pretty vital mistake on my part xD. So 3 legs lost east and west :)

Oh yeah... his riddles...actually all his "games" are completely sadistic, but what's more fitting of someone called Rakshasa the Sadist xD

Thanks man! Yeah, I've been testing some faster ways of trying to get pages done, but also I'm hyped to get to the end of the chapter so that might be another factor :P
damn this guy is messed up hes playing with them like food wtf. its a damn casino to him and idk if they can solve that riddle its too hard
yeah he's super messed up in the head Dx .

The only good thing about Rakshasa for his opponents is that he almost ALWAYS tries to turn the situation into a sort of game if he can before he kills you...hehe, good news ??
Paparazzi.. peasants..
All right, now everyone knows that Astaroth is back, panic and chaos will ensue.

I still have no idea what the solution of that riddle is. Maybe something with four legs in a straight line, when it looks to the east its shadow shows only one leg (and thus "lost" three of them), same thing when looking in the opposite direction (provided the sun is just rising in the east or setting in the west). So maybe this is some sort of dragon, the eastern styled which is rather worm-shaped with legs in a row. that would be the alpha. the beta is the western styled dragon, which is imaginary :P
LOL notice how those words both start with a 'p' hmmm!! You called it, the public is now set to go full bonkers...

Ahh dang that's a super interesting theory! You're putting more imagination and thought into this than most of these philosophers (especially Remmy haha!).

I really like the shadow thing, and while I obviously won't spoil I can say that the "legs" not being tangible is probably the right train of thought! And also with the "beta" being more abstract than physical..another great guess that might have some weight to it. At the very least you can rest easy knowing the answer will be explained and given completely, I think the most "sadistic" thing to be done would be leaving it out or the ending of Inception LOL
Yes, I had that feeling it cannot be "actual" legs.

Hehehe yes that would be sadistic indeed ;D

I was wondering about that, maybe this riddle is just nonsense anyway, not having any answer at all :P
Haha yeah there's some sophist who would actually totally do something prankish like that though, luckily Rakshasa is sober when he makes his little riddles :P
I like that, makes the whole thing so much more satisfying :))
Dera Nuel
Love the back-forth movement on this page. Gives it a movie feel.
Yeah!!! I think I've got the riddle.
You're a MONSTER!!!
Thanks so much!! I'm glad I really take inspiration from movies.

HAHA that's the real answer to the riddle, Rakshasa you are a DEMON
she has to deal with the cameras too, such is the life of a celebrity :>. back to this casino mad man and his weird riddles. i don't think this has a fair answer, or maybe its Rumpelstiltskin!
Iri's really temperamental too like rabidus XD. even these days runs in her family, so she's not gonna handle the paparazzi well either!

Rakshasa is officially going to be renamed the casino man lmao