Chapter 2: Page 73

Chapter  2: Page 73
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News: Page coming out soon!

Sorry this is late, busy holiday begins!

Back at Lin's Paradise. We check up on The Historian and the kids..who are about to have a mixed feelings reunion :D. Speaking of reunion we're about to see a bunch of characters we haven't seen in a while, as we approach the last leg of the chapter...might as well start with something sunny before...things get real D:. Thanks for reading! See ya Friday...

Someone needs to get Meph off of twitter.

I'm ready for Iri to pop up on the next page all "well, bad news. I don't think Lin's dead yet."
A glorious image of Meph hunched over on an iphone trolling twitter has been bestowed upon me!

And somehow you've read my script, after Iri breaks the news the crew gives an all together sigh of disappointment like in those sitcoms xD
Jason Moon
Meph seems to have a lot riding on this Grand Narrative, or so it seems a vital part of his plan. Those backgrounds are beautiful and the city is really unique and original. Really cool!
Haha oh yeah that's a great spot! Not a lot of things trigger him but he puts a lot of value into this Grand Narrative.

Thanks so much man!! I want to Paradises to have a sort of surreal looks really glad to hear it shows a little :)
this is crazy the grand narrative wth is meph a cult wth is that hes trying to do. iri hates lin rofl. the kids look happy
Lolol yeah...the grand narrative is some off the wall stuff I can say that. What better thing to fit for batsh*t crazy guy xD

Iri and Lin have a complicated dynamic for sure LOL.
Porcia is always happy :)
Dera Nuel
That was a nice way to end the page.
Meph's got everyone confused with this grand narrative.
I'm glad you think so man :D. I like ending some scenes either dramatically or a cute face LOL

Ah yes..Meph loves messing with people's minds, even after death he has people studying his shenanigans XD
This is such an interesting city ^^. I like the evil Siri thing there, and the Grand Narrative continues to be brought up but I presume it has great importance to how the sophists came back?
Thanks!! Really glad you think it's interesting I hope I can continue to keep it so :).

Ah yes Shukra is an interesting A.I. I can say that haha. And's gonna be integral to the biggest parts of the entire plot!
I never would've imagined, though funny as it would've been, for Meph to go around doing his public speeches about "heathening" people or making them liver forever only for him to be foiled by a statistical search after a Life time of planning! XD
A lifetime of murder, planning, speech giving, and manipulating...

foiled by a quick google search LMAO
Fantastic backgrounds here. I like your characters and their interactions. Very entertaining.