Chapter 2: Page 72

Chapter 2: Page 72
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Some heathen disambiguation. And something called the Grand Narrative!

Thanks for reading! See ya Wed for a jump to a couple of little rascals.

I put Lin up for sacrifice in a thread and the best thing in the deep blue sea was produce XD. Thanks ratt!

It's just the diary of some guy named "Grand", I'd assume.

Interesting how the resurrected Sophists are doing so well in the today times given that they're apparently weaker than before...
...I confess the reason I started this comic was to pull that twist about Grand's diary, well snap it all lmao!

Yeah, it's very strange, according to what Meph's layed out here...they should be pushovers. Still a bit more to the resurrection method we have to learn, it'll be..interesting :D
I love how he’s so happy all the time ^^, even though he’s pure evil ^^; . Thats really interesting . One thing I like aboiut this story are all the turns. I might have to reread but this ‘Grand Narrative’ hasn’t been mentioned before?
Haha yeah Meph is pretty much all smiles as they say! And he also does enjoy doing and coming across as pure to if he is 100% evil we shall see :D

Thanks! I'm glad I wanted this to be a really full of crazy turns story haha. And yes actually, The Grand Narrative was alluded to VERY brieifly on a panel when Rabidus was talking to Pintar on the plane. I'll have to find it!
Dera Nuel
The key to immortality have just been unleashed. I'm glad I was able to see this moment.
And I'm honored that you're glad to witness this moment man ! It was fun to write.

I can't wait cause there's gonna be another big moment with the whole immortality thing before this chapter's gonna be nuts xD
this man meph is crazy he wants to be immortal wuts the book do??
Hahaha yeah he's insane man. Or is he? Just kidding I don't think there's any doubt XD

Ahh yes..we will learn more about that book eventually that's what i can say :)
They found the phlebotinum! :P

But more seriously, I do wonder what that grand narrative actually does, how it works. An actual story, or a potential inside-one's mind story (such as the meta narratives)? What secrets it's going to reveal?

LOL that fish image xD
Rofl when logical answers fail, every story needs it's phlebotinum XD

Ah yes, the grand narrative is one of the crazier things in this story! And you might be on the track with it's relation to the meta narratives we've already been introduced too, but at the same time I can say it's nothing like anything introduced lol. I can say it'll be revealed slowly but we'll get a glimpse at it's power before the end of the chapter :).

He made a masterpiece XD
i caught up and woah. is that book the same as the sorcerers stone or something lol
Heyy penguinx :D , glad you caught up again!

And know what that might be a slightly accurate analogy..kinda haha (+10 for griff).
/does he have to say "Klaatu, Baratta, Nicto! in order to use it?
I didn't think someone would figure out the keywords so fast lol.

Also if you're Bruce you can say "Klaatu, Baratta, Ni-*COUGH*" XD
Jason Moon
Meph seems to be VERY confident in his affairs
He's made of liquid confidence man, for better or worse xD
Welp! Got my questions answered in regards to whether Heathens are a weaker form of the original. Makes sense, as far as you can trust Proto-stuff! =D
Glad that answered a pertinent question of yours :D.
I hope that at the end of chapter 2 + a short interlude after...some big questions will be answered or at least made more clear :)
This page was a surprise. I didn't expect to see Meph right away again.
Ahh yes so glad it was a surprise :D. This page will be very relevant in the future :). In terms of Lucifer and the Grand Narrative, look for them in Chapter 3...especially Lucifer :X