Chapter 2: Page 71

Chapter 2: Page 71
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Oh me oh my :(...

Thanks for reading! See ya Monday...

Is Amon dying funny because you know he has a heathen somewhere or just because you don't particularly like the guy?
Ah yes, what I can say is Mephy here is most likely staying cool because he feels everything is going according to plan :).

As to his opinion on Amon, I can say even though he doesn't show it , there isn't anyone in the Sophists he dislikes personally (at this moment at least) . He feels they're all his family, even though it's not always mutual lol
This was a really jam packed page ^3^. I like the romance there , poor guy got prince Zuko’d. And it seems he thinks Amon dying is funny ^^;
Wooh thanks so much :D!! It was just a lucky point where a lot was happening, but so much more is to come I can say that !

Ahh yes, Jace got scarred here...and Zuko is a great comparison haha. Yeah Meph...thinks everything is funny , as anime Joker should xD
damn thishe got burned but saved his girl that was cool. meph is back hell yeah but hes gonna mess them up .
At the very least he saved the one he fancies :)). But yeah he's going to live with those!

The madman returns, you know it's going to get crazy XD
Jason Moon
Wow! A lot going on in one page! The fight scenes are beautiful and the atmosphere of some of these characters being so dark in nature/appearance is a lot of fun to read
Thanks so much man!! Really appreciate it :D, glad the fight scenes look good.

I also can't agree enough with you about those kinds of characters, I can't help but like dark looking and acting characters >:)
I enjoy the scene of them reacting silently in horror to what just happened. And more freaks entering the works, great!
Ah yes..the silent trauma after the horror :( . I'm glad you enjoyed it!

And yes indeed...more sophists are alive including the lovely head turning Vapula!
love and loss. fire and Armageddon.
That was straight poetry friend xD
Dera Nuel
That joker smile is priceless. Love the emotions on this page!!
Meph and his Joker antics are just so fun right haha!

Thanks!! Glad you like them, more to come!
Mephs got that heathen-tactic down. Nothing to worry about there. He'll be back, but whether he's as powerful in his heathen form I wonder about. Or maybe more-so? I mean, regardless because of present day Amon, heathen-form is confirmed!
Oh yeah you'll be sure he's the master of heathens :)
Incubus made the heathens but Meph came up with the idea in the first place, the mischievous chap!

And yup, Amon present day is a heathen .. and interesting how you say he might be more might be onto something with guessing that the heathens that we see are different than most heathens ;)
he's baaaaack. mephs just smiling when his friend was killed? tells you a lot about this guy. but then again everything about him has been bananas :P
Yes indeed!! He's a weird one LOL

I can't wait to show you more on why he is that way =D