Chapter 2: Page 70

Chapter 2: Page 70
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Trial by fire.

Thanks for reading! See ya Friday for a long one...with a character we haven't seen in a second :D

Ok, I GOTTA know the story behind the "loser" tattoo? Did Meph make him get that?
Hahaha it does stand out especially among the chaos yea xD.

Yeah he actually did it to himself when he was real young, long story short he came from a family of really strong protos users but was the weakest and clumsiest among them, it's sort of an ironic FU to the identity he had in his family for a while !
amon is gonna burn everything damn and now its a boxing match wtf lets goo
He’s going to burn everything within...a Really Big Radius. Not so bad right? Just kidding its terrible lol

Yeah its turned into a slugest for now!
This is a tragic page right here, I can’t imagine being incinerated alive . At least Lin socks this psycho a good one
Oh yeah D:..I really think it'd be one of the worst ways to go, but I did google it and apparently your nerves go after a bit so you won't feel pain eventually (still wouldn't imagine it being pleasent heh)!

Lin is a brawler :D hope I can show it!
I'm not against this turning into a weird version of Rocky.
LOL! Me either and that might just be what goes on. Lin likes to get all up and personal I can say that xD
Jason Moon
Burning to death is definitely not the way I wanna go out :o
I agree It's totally gotta be excruciating man haha! Give me the guillotine please Mr.Executioner !
So wait I know that's the kids dad since he looks like one of them but is that their mom? I feel slow if this was already introduced ^3^;. I see Amon is a complete jerk bag but it's understandable as to why he's livid at least, these guys have killed off a lot of his comrades.
Yeah no worries haha, it's more my bad as these flashbacks are really brief. she was shown for a second in one of the flashbacks, we'll get a lot more development for these two later :). But they are indeed Porcia and Gorgias' parents!

Also you bringing that up about Amon reminded me that he isn't just a complete psycho, just like a lot of the sophists, but he's pretty far out there :D
Oh dear.. That was intense!

Just have to love the last two panels!
Indeed D: and he's not even close to the strongest sophist D: !!

Thanks!! I love brawls haha
Dera Nuel your face fireboy
Haha, he deserved that big time xD
A solid right hook to the jaw, in both the past and the present! Lin seems more Confident in his ability to take on Amon in present day though!
Haha back to back jaw destruction :)!

Yeah you got it right, Lin was a lot more unsure of himself against Amon back then, he was on another level from the sophists before him
One two to the face. Very intense.
OMG that punch is so satisfying there a lot of weight to it.