Chapter 2: Page 69

Chapter  2: Page 69
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Burn baby burn! Not much flashback left!


A little update on things comin' up! I had planned to get this chapter done before X-mas cuz I'm gonna be going to California on 23rd for holidays and then running a race there in January (No turkey for me). BUT I just thumbnailed the rest of the chapter annd at this pace I'll probably still have a lil more to go before it's finished. By X-mas We'll get to the point where we see a certain character that's been hinted to since chapter 1 :D. Thanks for reading! See ya Wed.

Looks like loser-boy's lost it.

Also, interesting tactic, giving yourself up to save the others. Though it kind of makes you look like a jerk, bringing a bunch of people who apparently aren't threats into the battlefield.
Hahaha yes loser boy has lost his marbles xD!

And yes indeed is does, I really should have shown what happened right before this point (maybe ill edit one day) but basically Amons influence was big enough that he assumed no one in the area could run, so they opted to stick close so it’d be easier to shield. Still it is possible some could have run away too, lots of questionable management here xD
this is crazy these lin is my favorite character i think he is a beast. amon is about to kill everyone and he looks badass but i dont know how theyll handle it
Wooh glad to hear you like Lin :D, and I'm curious to see if you'll still like him as the story goes on as he's a ...controversial dude lol.

Yes...Amon does some damage this night I can say that...hope it won't be too much :(
Great tension here . Amon seems to be a complete monster. Also the king has some interesting face choices
Thank you!!

Yes Amon is very strong at least during this point in time compared to Lin and Idiko who have not reached their potential yet :).

And yeah Lin gets into fighting...a bit too much lol
Is that mare creature regenerating and that what Lin is surprised about? Lin lin has a dark side it seems ^^; . Or at least enjoys killing monsters. I feel sorry for the civilians here ;_;
Yeah exactly that! The mare is regenerating, back near the beginning of the chapter they saw another one but it didn't regenerate after attacking it...they usually can't do that haha.

Yeah Lin has a VERY dark side, and some secrets...still a pretty charismatic guy at least xD?

Yeah...there are a few people who don't fight at all in Wolf Gang, sort of like military civilians :/ Good luck to em
its getting hot! i gotta catch up
heeyy penguinx :D!! welcome back! hope you enjoy the insanity as usual xD
Hmmm with that crown sort of reminds me of Sauron. And that grin, I'm not quite sure who's the creepiest here o.O

and Amon may have a point there..
Oh man that's funny I was just watching lotr the other day haha. That's a great comparison...hopefully for the sake of our protagonists it's not also true in terms of his personality :x

Ah yes..the sophists and their ability to make scarily decent points at times..
Oh, some interesting history on Amon? He's not been explicitly fleshed out like this Before. I can see why he'd sneak after Lin to try and get some payback in though.
Yup! These little switches between past and present are to sort of introduce the sophists but hopefully I can convey a little more than just their personalities at the same time :)

Ahh yes...we'll see what becomes of Lin and Amon in the past, that just might be what's going on..
Dera Nuel
All that's on Amon's mind is vengeance- a dish best served hot.
Magnificent page. Lin's face there is very scary, almost psycho. Amon doesn't seem pleased.
Thank you so much dude!! Yeah Lin is definitely hell bent on pulling the whole 2 faced thing haha.