Chapter 2: Page 67

Chapter 2: Page 67
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Sovember 29th Nov 2018, 6:16 AM edit delete
Inside the mind of an assassin! And Lin scaring Misa lol. Next page is gonna be a doozy finally gettin' back into the abyss. Thanks for reading! See ya Friday for a long one.

ha ha lin... what a good prank... totally something you should do in front of a trigger-happy assassin...
Lmao ! Man If Lin has proven anything so far in the story is that he totally thinks things through before acting xD
Dera Nuel
I hope he doesn't get a heart attack. I was scared shirtless myself.
Hahah I know right, Lin needs to give a heads up at least xD. But he enjoys messing with people...a bit too much lol
damn he doesnt feel guilt but hes thinking. i hope he kills astaroth. lin is so dumb but kinda funny
Yeah he's almost living a power fantasy and he feels nothing. Sort of like Saitama from One Punch Man if he was Batman lol. Lin is Lin always XD
That was an interesting conversation. So Idiko has some insecurity about the whole mercenary deal. And of course Lin Lin takes the opportunity to ruin the moment ^^
Glad you liked it :D. Yeah I always wanted Idiko to be a ruthless revenge dude but also wanted to have him be sort of a reluctant antihero in a way :) And yes...Lin does ruin serious moments...all the time LOL
Jason Moon
You can always hunt out more evil if you don't feel "fulfilled" after killing Astaroth ;)
Haha that's a great point man :)

In fact you might be onto what he ends up doing...
Also checked out that band they're great! Freakin' Led Zeppelin's spiritual successor haha amazing talent!

"what if... that emptiness is what I feel"-
kill all your demons and emptiness is what you get, opposites need each other.

Nah I don't really have any idea, but it's a guess.
He's bein' such a wimp man! LOL

That actually made me think for a good sec O_O haha, yeah I have no idea either xD

I can say someone might just help him get back on track though :)
Hm, so Idiko's had some time to process his final confrontation with Astaroth? I Think he's right on the Money, it's not gonna be relief in the end. Or so I imagine at least.
Ahh yes exactly so, he's had lots of time to ponder this whole thing ever since Vapula!

And yeah, he's probably right, why would he feel any different? All I can say is he'll come back to this train of thought again :))
It’s great how complex your characters are, Idiko has a differentshade to him that I didn’t see coming. The emptiness he feels inside makes me feel bad for him
Thank you so much man!! And for all the comments again, I like to make my characters have different sides to them :)

Yeah..that emptiness thing will pop up again in the future!
lin why did you have to ruin the moment it was getting good grr. great character moment for idiko, i didn't really know what to think of him until now :T
Hahaha yeah Lin does that...A LOT XD

We'll come back to this train of thought of his can't wait :D Thanks for reading!!