Chapter 2: Page 66

Chapter 2: Page 66
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News: Page almost done! Might be a lil late.

"All will be revealled" - that one led zeppelin song. Thanks for reading! See ya Wed...

I like the dialogue on this page ^3^ . Its interesting seeing Lin mad for once, he’s usually devil may care.
Thank you!! I want the sophists to have very strange ways of expressing themselves I'm glad it comes across okay here :)

Ahh yes. Lin is a very interesting character. Even Idiko doesn't know some stuff about him and they're basically brothers.
The first panel... "uuuhhmmm... I think... I better just leave again..." xD

"thinking about what I felt..."
The booze in the background. Most of the shelves are empty already.......

Amon: "Man the Abyss is stuffy and dank, time for a smoke break!"
Lin: ಠ_ಠ
Amon: "(Lemme just say some bullsh*t ad lib)" *falls backwards*

Ohh yes..Idiko is in deep reflection mode right now :(
Does Lin have some beef with this guy? Maybe thats why he’s angry at him. I’ll drink the rest of the bar if he’s done ;)
Oh yeah that's a great question! He just might have some issues with Amon, we'll see soon as the flashback's next sophist is Amon :)

LOL go right ahead sir xD
amon is so cool shit even i don't know how strong he is but damn hes cool. but now i think all the sophists are alive the squad might be dead it might be too late .
Man really glad you like Amon! I like all the sophists and their psychotic subversive ways x). I secretly never out grew my Nietzschean college phase haha.

Yeah...that's is unfortunately might be too late :(
So is that what Amon looked like before, or does he look different now because he's a heathenman?
Great catch! He is indeed a heathen...and yes as a heathen he is merged with someone else...but here he looks EXACTLY the same. Just like Rakshasa. We will see how before the chapter ends in the craziest scene in the story yet xD
Jason Moon
Great detail in the panels! Jumping into the dark depths! If you like Led Zeppelin you should check out the band "Greta Van Fleet", crazy little 19 year olds who rock
Thanks so much man! Time to go to Hades >:)

Dude I'm glad to see another Led Zeppelin fan. I'll definitely check them out, thanks a bunch for the recommendation!
So Amon's not even getting in his way? He's a hedonist, sure, but maybe he just assumes this is gonna be the end of Lin?
Ahh yeah great spot! Amon is pretty chill until..the slightest trigger erupts him haha.

But in this instance you're onto something in that he either assumes Lin stand no chance down there..and/or he doesn't feel like he can take on Lin xD
Dera Nuel
Great first panel!! Oh I really love Amon's costume!
Thanks so much man!!

I'm glad you like Amon's design it's one of my favorites too :)
Lin sways between hero and anti hero for me. I hope he can save the others because he doesn’t know what’s in the abyss
i LOVE that line from Amon =) and the way he just falls backwards, too cool for school
So glad you like it!

Amon will bring those kinda of quotes...when he's not enraged hahaha