Chapter 2: Page 65

Chapter 2: Page 65
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Sovember 24th Nov 2018, 10:42 PM edit delete
Another confirmed Sophist alive D:. Amon the hedonist!

I'm going to bring back the Mon/Wed/Fri schedule as I want to finish this chapter before X-ams. Can't wait for some of the stuff coming :D. Thanks for reading! See ya monday...

damn ok this is my favorite fight scene i think the dragon ball z wave it looks epic. Amon is that guy from before but i don't know how strong he is or if lin will be worried or not well have to see
Thank you!! I'm glad as really chapter 1 and 2 are supposed to be teases, most fights in this story will be more strategic and in depth but I'm glad it's alright :D

Dbz is the way man. And yes, we haven't seen Amon fight yet, he is one of the stronger sophists ..but the strength of the sophists doesn't increase linearly...there are some BIG gaps in power of the top 8, and he's number 8 :)
Amon doesnt have a freaky mask or scary featuress like the others. I was guessing these guys were demons of some kind now but i guess they’re more like vampires ? Not Nosfaratu but the more modern vampires where they’re indistinguishable from every day humans. Or maybe it’s a disguise. Lin is weird in a good way ^3^
Oh yeah that's a great observation! Actually it's something that needs to get answered soon...I can say it probably will. They have indeed come back from the dead somehow...vampires, demons, we will find out soon... :)

Lin is indeed a strange guy, everyone in his family is actually. It's going to be fun seeing the parallels with Porcia xD
And now it looks even prettier! If you're into fire, at least.

“Ohhh the fire purtyy..oh, whatsupAmon...pretty firree” xD
Jason Moon
Kame hame haaaaaaa!!!!
His power level is over 90000000!!!!
"looks pretty"
Ha ha pretty indeed. good choice xD

"lead him deep into the abyss"
Could this mean that Astaroth didn't get killed?
Hahaha gotta choose the prettiest one xD

Ohh that's a very interesting theory! And very possible, who's to say some of them ever died? Especially since we haven't seen how all of them have died yet :x
They're relly going at it and looks like there's gonna be a two-front confrontation now with Amon on the scene? I'm looking forward to seeing King Lin fight.

Also, are you doing some new things with the linework? I'm either imagining things or there's something different? =P
Oh yeah, now there's about to multiple confrontations here very soon! And I'm also looking forward to showing what Lin can do :D

Ah yeah experimenting again haha, on this page I think I was trying to go for a painted esque style. One day I'll try that but for now I think I like the clean cel shading :)
Dera Nuel
Lighting cigarette with the fires of hell. Really cool!!
Haha it's the only way to light one up if you're a bad@ss villain right XD
The action is incredible here. Incredibly dynamic and engaging. Lin continues to be a funny guy.
Thanks! This page took forever lmao. And yeah, Lin is...something haha
bam pow! action time :> . Lins got an interesting way of handling this situation. and hey its fire dude again, this should be good.
WOOH thank you so much! This is my favorite action scene so far I think haha, maybe because it was the hardest to create :)

Lin is an interesting character indeed, I may just be drawing him and his antics as we speak XD