Chapter 2: Page 64

Chapter 2: Page 64
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Sovember 21st Nov 2018, 1:38 AM edit delete
MONEY! And Oh we skip ahead a few years to only 8 Sophists left! ... the strongest few. Thanks for reading! Happy Thanksgiving!

And oh man noticed we just passed 1 mil hits! Thank you all!

LMaO! Lin is the best character with his money thing the art here is amazing i like the color. time to kill 8 more
Hahaha im glad you like Lin, he’s a controversial guy in story...surprisingly xD.

Man thanks so much!! im still trying to find my style with these experiments but glad to hear it looks okay as its in progress :)
If he wasn't so useful as bait, Lin might have been kicked out of the gang by now lol.
Rofl Lins ability to be perfect bait has given him freedom to be a next level fool xD

Also he’s related to the gangs founding member, looks like its going to rain money for a while !
Jason Moon
Great humor mixed with impressive fighting. What more could you ask for from a page! :)
Thanks so much dude!!

Glad the fighting and humor come across cool , I really want the story to be full of those two things xD
Lin lin likes the cash , that was really funny ^3^ . Have we seen Amon yet?
Lin loves the MONEY lol. Glad he's funny, I've always wanted Lin to be a completely unhinged guy :D

Ahh yeah we have seen Amon very briefly but you'll most likely remember him when you see him! He had a little bit of a scuffle with Astaroth in Tara's flashback..which ended up being pretty fiery!
lin is pretty funny.
Funny's definitely the word lol
I know too many people like Lin. But they make for a hell of a reference for stories to tell people. Not pleasant stories mind you, but barbecue stories none the less ha
LOL...those kind of people always are a good source of stories. I know Lins and I have been a Lin :D (not quite as extreme as that guy he takes the cake!)

I really like putting personalities I've run into and putting them on steroids lol. I'd say some of the biggest and most ridiculous personalities have yet to show!
Congrats to the 1 mil! What a Milestone!

That dance is hilarious and the fact that they've become so adept at taking down Sophists is immensly impressive. This backstory is really fleshing out the whole world and cast for me and adding Another, maybe more personal layer, to the conflict.
Thanks so much man!! I'm honored and also ashamed as I have forgotten to make some other "milestone" thank you pages that I promised to make. I will get on those at the end of the chapter xD

LOL with Lin there is almost always going to be absurdity. I'm really glad the backstory is fleshing out the world for you! The rest of the backstory is almost done and it is going to be...something haha
Dera Nuel
Wow Lin!! What a fun way to spend all the cash you risked your life getting. You're really the smartest guy I know.So please... sit your ass down!!!
LOL!! Lin is really...I don't even know man haha.

He needs to sit down..he also needs to think about his life and actions for a while too XD
Lin is a very reckless guy. Interesting relationship this group has with each other.