Chapter 2: Page 63

Chapter 2: Page 63
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There goes Vapula! ... for now. And there are 22 sophists left...we definitely won't see them all but the rest should be fun :D. Thanks for reading!

i might have to reread, but we havent seen idiko “judging” someone in the past yet. is this is him only mentioning it? i like the dialogue and mystery here ^^
Ahh yeah! He hasn’t ever been shown judging anyone only Iri has :)

Thanks!! I hope to tease a lot of things in these flashbacks :)!
damn they stabbed her . idiko is a killer but he seems like hes thinking . i like the colors
Haha yeah, there's...lots of stabbing in this story heads up LOL.

Thanks man! I'm still experimenting a bit :)
That's a pretty intriguing dilemma. So Ruina is a sort of penal colony but most of the people don't deserve to be there?
Really glad you noticed that!

Yes, ruina is a sort of exile area for criminals , but the spectrum is pretty vast and a lot of people that are considered normal by most standards are sent here because they barely failed this meta narrative judgement test...which is pretty whack haha
Well done. Not only did you get me with that Rob Stark ploy, but you got Vapula too. Or rather, they got her.

As for the art, some excellent shading and focus in this batch of panels. This is something I'm thinking about a lot right now with my own work. Now taking notes!
Man thanks! I'm glad both those little surprises came across as...well surprises xD. Yeah Idiko is very much comparable to Rob Stark in that he's not just blind revenge guy. And LOL on vapula.

Thanks so much!! I experiment even more next page, hope it shows, still trying to decide how I want to shade from here on out. And man that's funny cause I'm taking notes from you on composition, I honestly feel like I'm weak on that area but glad to hear you think the focus is okay here!
So if Vapula didn't use protos... does that mean the "immortality" doesn't require them? Like, one of the other sophists made a heathen for her?
That is a super good question, actually you're onto something really important about the heathens haha.

Yeah what I can say about the heathens is that you're right in that vapula doesn't have to be a protos user for her to become one. We're going to get a gigantic fill in the blank before this chapter ends about that stuff can't wait :D.
One down, 22 more to go..

Idiko doesn't look too happy about this sorting system.. Yes, I remember that one judging scene, that was not pretty.

I wonder what exactly qualifies as "twisted", where exactly does the line go, between accepted for paradise and not accepted.
Just 22 more..each more gruesome than the rest :(

Oh yeah you're totally right about his feelings at the moment. He's been thinking about the system he grew up in for a bit now. And that scene with Kese was hard to draw for me towards the end I agree D:

Super good question! And yeah what I can say is each judge actually has some sort of power over what qualifies as twisted, so in a way it's up to their personal interpretation...but at the same time the judges also are being judged themselves by the temperament of their coworkers and philosopher king, so ironically there tends to be some "kool-aid" drinking and conforming to standards D:
Jason Moon
wow, crazy scene man! Lost a companion but was able to take down a sophist
Thanks so much man!! It was a lot of fun to make :) I hope I can keep up the crazy haha.

Yeah man this was an important win for them, gave them the confidence to take on all the sophists one by one!
Dera Nuel
Wow. This is like some "natural selection" stuff. Now I see why they're called paradise. All the best people are there. And well Ruina... Lol, Poor Ruina.
Oh yeah, natural selection is definitely the word man!

Yup, can't wait to show more inside paradises, it's ... a lot different from Ruina lmao. Yeah..everyone in Ruina has a VERY bad time lol.
This is an interesting page. Didn't expect them to come back and defeat her. I enjoy your character development and world building, is Idiko's race sort of royal assassins?
So glad you like the action scenes! I'm loving yours so far you started off on one that's always a good idea haha.

And thank you so much! I do like world and character building, lots more to come :). And yeah, Idiko's race are typical royalty in this world and back in the day (and still today) did a lot of shady things, like send unwanted criminals over to ruina. They stopped doing that, but there's still some creepy stuff going about in their "paradises" :D
is it bad i feel sorry for vapla a bit ._. . again your characters are so intricate
Not at all I felt a bit guilty here too :D.

This just might not be the last we see of her though :P.