Chapter 2: Page 62

Chapter 2: Page 62
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Sovember 15th Nov 2018, 2:52 AM edit delete
Meditations. And Vapula is..nuts lol.

I want to finish this montage in a couple more updates really vapula should be the longest tease! Thanks for reading! See ya soon for a real long one (prly sat)

this comics fight scenes are always dope i to see what lin is gonna do he aint gonna die lmao
Thanks so much man!!

Lolol yeah Lins guaranteed to survive...or perhaps this is a different ‘Lin’ *mind explodes*
Riktor didn't even get the chance to realize what happened before it was too late already o.O
Oh yes for sure D:

Poor dude didnt have time to scream ! Well least it was over with in a ...snap (im a monster lol)
So her thinking everyone being a dream would be in accordance with vapulas title as the solipsist? Does she have teleporting powers too?
Yess!! Great catch that is indeed having to do with her ‘philosophy’, everyone has a sort of ‘bias’ in this story that affects how they talk, fight, and act :)

We will see what her power methods in a sec !
That man did not have a chance to react at all. She is crazy indeed ^3^, hope she doesnt kill too many peeps.
Haha so true . He got real unlucky...

Vapula is straight bananas 🍌 ...i hope for their sake your right :x
I feel like I’d do the same thing if people came into MY swamp
LOL yeah I suppose you have a point xD
Hopefully no more O_O...but it sounds like you want blood of any kind huh xDD
Wow, that shot with Vapula just appearing on Riktor is nuts. She's materializing? Or is she just friggin fast?
I know right imagine your bounty appearing on your shoulder out of nowhere id be shook haha!

Ah yeah she's actually just super fast, it'll be revealed exactly what she's doing next page but it's not magic :)
Dera Nuel
I love the art on this page. Those guns look so real.
Thanks so much man!!

Im trying different styles on upcoming lages :)
Jason Moon
Awesome and creepy!! :D Man she corkscrewed his neck around like nothing!
Thanks so much man!! I'm so glad it comes across that way I wanna bring the "nightmare" xD

Yeah she's incredibly strong it's pretty scary lolol
DANG Vapula is fast. Do you guys really NEED all that bounty money?
LMAO so true, honestly though Lin was half a second away from being corkscrewed like this poor dude xD.

Vapula under the right conditions is a one man army, they lucked out!
Very intense page. The soldier getting his neck cracked disturbed me. Vapula is a force to be reckoned with.
Glad the neck crack was disturbing it was disturbing to draw XD