Chapter 2: Page 61

Chapter 2: Page 61
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Sovember 11th Nov 2018, 1:32 AM edit delete
I've been wanting to get to this little montage...some serious ISH shall be seen xD. We won't get to see all 23 sophists..but we'll see...THINGS. Thanks for reading!

"then you're the philosopher queen ... I'm probably dead"

I like it how he remains so laid back while saying all this.
LOL yes I love Lin's character for this reason!

I'm looking forward to more of his character in super dangerous you can tell he usually acts differently than most xD
this is crazy rofl e bursted out and said damn its brisk i like lin he isnt afraid off dying . what the fuck is wrong with his hand ?
I'm really glad people like Lin xD. Yeah he isn't afraid of anything really, might actually be a psychopath but a lovable one none the less (most of the time) LOL.

Ahh yes that has to do with Vapula's ability :), we won't see too much of each sophist as this montage is just a tease but we'll see something ;)
nighty night men
Don't let the bed bugs bite!
I'm not a doctor but that looks like a problem on the last panel.

"That is uh...quite the interesting ringworm you got there missy!"
Dera Nuel
Lin is so amazing. He had that "I'm off on a suicide mission" cool look.
And what the hell is that thing??
Hahaha YES dude when I finished that panel I thought Lin looked so hollywood action hero with that expression lol. He will have that look a lot.

Oh it's nothing good! I can say it's about to cause some carnage :((
Hah! The King leaves the room the only way he knows how. By punching out a window and flying off! I loved that!

And this next transition is probably more horror than you've ever produced. That hand is beautifully creepy!
Lol! He had to make an unnecessarily epic exit or it wouldn't have been in character right XD

Ohh thanks so much!! We're about to see some pretty hardcore things in this montage I hope I can keep at least a semblance of the horror going :)
Lin is--quite the character thats what I can say ^3^. well that atmosphere certainly does look spooky. and id echo that that is a creepy hand.
He may be eccentric, but who isn't in this story xD.

So glad it comes across as spooky! And thanks, I'm glad the hands creepy, you'll see why it has those veins next page :)
Jason Moon
Such a great page man! The characters, action, and scenes are super engaging! :D
Thanks so much man!!

Means a lot hope I hope I can keep it engaging :)!
Too fast for all of wolf gang to keep up with? That could pose a problem.
Oh yeah, even for the ones with bayesian rings, she's too fast for their eyes!

Jace saw her for a moment as she was approaching Lin..sort of brotherly hyper instinct moment xD
who needs doors! woah creepy place
Not Lin XD

Creepy indeed!!