Chapter 2: Page 60

Chapter 2: Page 60
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Bruh..that's not good D:. Thanks for reading!

Jason Moon
It seems everyone in the room has something witty to say lol! All but one that I noticed :)
Hahaha yeah wolf gang has a bunch of clowns, Lin being the proto clown!

Remmy has his moments, but this was not his. some would say it was kinda stupid LOL
thats not good. how many sophists are there? and thats a lot of money. unless the conversion isnt the same.
Ahh yess...this is very bad news if Idiko's guess is correct. There are 23 sophists :x

Oh yeah it's A LOT of money, in terms of comparing it to say U.S. dollars, it's close yeah. A billion rupiah would put you in the same position socially as it would in our world :P
Dera Nuel
No matter how mouth-watering the money is, I won't take that mission. You can't spend money if your dead.
So true man! There's a reason no one has caught the sophists. Everyone who's tried has died...not surprisingly seeing some of their line up

Wolf gang are some bold people I'll tell you that much haha.
Sooo... That was definetly not an easier type of mission to bring the newcomers on. I mean, I get that maybe this is a low-level Sophist but still... What about training wheels?
I'm really glad you caught that man! Jace and Lin are remembered both as being charismatic and fearless brothers who were instrumental in leading the fight in taking down the sophists

...but people over look the fact that they are both arguably optimistic to a delusional and dangerous degree...which might be revisited with Jace's daughter, Porcia :x
all the sophists are alive that means meph is alive and im torn cause i like meph but hes gonna mess everyone up damn burning cities. thats a lot of money i wouldnt mess with them tho
Ohhh called it. IF Idiko's correct and every single sophist is alive..that means anime Joker is alive as well xD.

And yeah you're right, I wouldn't want to basically throw away my life for billions of dollars haha! We'll see they somehow pull it an unconventional way
Yay money-money-money!
But yes, of course there are other motivations beyond that ;)

that sounds so cute - a good contrast to what is actually going on. Nice detail :))
Money money money is the way !

Ah yes indeed, definitely some revenge and other personal motives for a couple cubs here :)

Haha I'm glad you think so I'm glad that contrast comes across. Thanks :D
this mental image of adorable fluffy wolf puppies goring some hapless prey animal apart ;D
Hahaha thank you for that mental image, it gives me mixed feelings of cuteness and shock in the best way possible LOL
I guess Lin did end up buying a country huh?
Lmao yes indeed xD.

A possibility he ended up taking 85% of the bounty too (joking...sort of :P) !
Lin was very greedy from an early age it appears but I can't help but like him. I hope he isn't secretly a Game of Thrones scheming monarch.
Haha yeah man, he's always had uh..sociopathic tendencies lol. Actually Idiko too...the heroes in my world have issues :D

That's a great theory...we will find out one day :)
ok ive read this far and i have to say i love how insane this is :). but more so the characters are really fascinating and theres a lot of detail in the writing. love some royal intrigue
THANK YOU so much and for subscribing! I'm sorry I just saw this hahaha.

I also really appreciate that :), I'm glad cause I try to make my characters...colorful at the very least XD. Thanks again!
they are colorful. i like tara hehe