Chapter 2: Page 59

Chapter 2: Page 59
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Time for some sophist secrets. Thanks for reading!

This scene is dope as shit i love all the action and the clash of idiko and him now i gotta see why he doesnt have any organs . wtf hes a zombie or some shit
Thanks so much dude!! Action is da best

This is really a part of this chapter I remember thinking up and never thought I'd get to so fast lol. What I can say is things will get pretty intense with the exception of a few scenes :). Oh yeah..he's definitely not a normal human being anymore!
Oooh, I always love first person displays in comics! Nice job on the framing
Me too man! Those are some of my fav shots in movies

Thanks a lot :). I'll try to do it some more later.
maybe he moved his organs? i don't know if he can do something like that given they have telekinetic powers.
That's a great idea and possible! Perhaps Idiko is just having a hard time considering that in the heat of the moment...

Or perhaps something sinister is going on :x < I didn't say nuthin'
I concur on the first person panel its a striking effect. I wonder if this means the sophists are immortal?
Thanks so much!! I'm glad that works, like I said I'll definitely do it more :)

Ahh...who knows...we might be in for some kind of reveal before the end of the chapter... ;)
"what has he become?!"
a bag of blood?

time to release the grand swarm of mosquitoes :P
Lol Everyone knows mosquitoes are the final unstoppable weapon :P


so what are we waiting for - summon insects now!
Go my my mosquito army!! Smite our enemies!!!
Jason Moon
Just when you think one of them has the upper hand it turns around! Great fight and beautiful colors
It seems that that's always the case with these sophist ey!? Hope Idiko can figure a way to win this ..

Thanks so much man!!
Is that some sort of flashbang?
Ahh yes just not in the way most are familiar with!

It's all protos being manipulated in a way that makes it act as a flashbang :)
I love how it's cutting between scenes here! That gives it a real cinematic feel!

And you'll have to remind me, with my short-term memory, if we've seen Vapula before? We might've, but I don't remember him as a "main" sophist? Or is he more of a throwaway? A first good target for Idiko and them?
Thanks so much dude! I'm glad it comes across alright, I hope that once I get this whole fight/flashback mix sequence done with it'll flow okay :).

Ah no worries man Vapula showed up pretty briefly. Once you see her she'll pop back up in your mind probably haha, she was one of the ones in Kese's head with blue hair and pink shirt. But you're also right in that they chose to go after her first because she's one of the weaker sophists! We'll see past wolf gang go after a couple sophists montage style :)
"Lin! Focus!"
lmaooo even back then he was a party animal!!!
LOOL! Yess , Lin is one of my favs man.

him, Remmy, and Bogdan are goofballs but out of all of them it takes a lot for him to take anything seriously...even in apocalyptic situations xD
Dera Nuel
Judging from his actions so far, Astaroth clearly doesn't have a heart. Lol...were you expecting to have other organs?
So true..Astaroth is absolutely rutheless.

Idiko really should have seen this coming from a mile away lolol!
Perhaps Astroth is a zombie of kind or an undead necromancer?
Ahh interesting theories :D

You'll find out near the end of the chapter!!