Chapter 2: Page 58

Chapter  2: Page 58
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Sovember 30th Oct 2018, 6:10 AM edit delete
The decision. It's bout to get craazzy xP. There are going to be pages coming up that will probably take more time, so I'm still going to go for 2 a week, but if a page takes longer it's because it's more detailed! Thanks for reading!

"You're mercenaries" + shot of cute little Tara was the perfect match and end to this page. =D
Hahaha yes!

That was definitely the goal, for it to be a good last shot, glad it came across that way xD
cute & mercenaries.. that doesn't fit. or does it, in some weird way? ;D
LOL true it shouldnt fit at all..

but hey i suppose taras baby face makes anything work :P
Jason Moon
Man, what an emersive page. I just want to sit down and eat with them lol
Glad to hear that man!

I hope I can continue make all these sorts of talking moments like this :).
this scenes so cool and chill i like these wolf gang members especially the guy with the burn marks. idiko borderline psychopath roflmao
Hahaha yess so glad the vive is that , that was the goal !

And LOL ...yes... he is an intense dude for sure lol but he has a ‘nice’ side :P
Dera Nuel
Tara's face in that last panel really warmed my heart.
Plus I've been wondering... Is Rakshasa a Japanese name?
Haha I got the same reaction just drawing that panel! Tara's about 9 years old here and no tattoos still a lil baby face x)

Oh man I'm glad you asked that man! Rakshasa is actually based off a demonic spirit from Hindu mythology. I'm Indonesian so a lot of Hindu and eastern demons and elements will be referenced in this story

Speaking of Raksahsa I can't wait to get back to what's happening with him :)
Dera Nuel
That's really cool. Came across the name somewhere else and remembered IP.
It's interesting to see their social interactions and this man recruiting them seems to be a sort of Robin Hood character. It seems this story has two sides with grey morality, it's just that the "good" side is a lighter shade of grey ^^;
Thank you!! Chapter 1 and 2 are simply an introduction to these characters, their motivations, and the world, and more scenes like this would take place after this, so I'm glad I can get some practice with it :) .

Oh man that is a fantastic analysis of their's true they both have shady people on their sides. It's a story full of a lot of Machiavellian people for sure.
Rofl that's the only solution! xD
Hey, question. Is Tara's face naturally that pale? Because I just assumed it was part of her makeup/tattoo game.
Ahh yup! That's probably my bad for not making it clearer, I'm going to add and delete massively to the first 130 pages of chapter 1 soon, so we have a better context of what's happening but basically everyone from the abyss has pure white ghostly skin :)
I enjoy the homey atmosphere in this scene. I'm also wondering about Tara's complexion. She definitely stands out in this scene. Wolf Gang appears to have been a group of mercenaries back in the day?
Man really glad it looks homey that was what I was going for. Yeah Tara and a Lucia are from the abyss, so they have a completely white skin tone :)

Yup, they were a rag tag group of mercenaries/bounty hunters