Chapter 2: Page 57

Chapter 2: Page 57
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Sovember 27th Oct 2018, 2:00 AM edit delete
Here's the first appearance of Porcia and Gorgias' now MIA father. First alluded on this page. He's a real important character, so I'm actually going to have a small scene with him and Idiko retroactively added to the start of the story after this chapter :) Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend.

Jason Moon
The colors on this page are beautiful
Thanks so much man :D.

I went back to an older way of doing colors hope it shows a little!
Well good news, Idiko - the folks downstairs have gotten plenty of information already. Interrogation may not be necessary.
Haha yeah that's so true, if only he knew!

In fact they've gotten so much hardcore info I think they could use a recuperative nap for an day...or 6 xD.
i like how its implied that he is their father with the color scheme ^3^ .
Thank you :D!! Yeah like father like daughter psh

I'm really glad that was caught , in fact it has an in story explanation we'll see too :)
Hysteria and confusion.. yes, some truths better remain hidden. Astaroth appears to be particularly dangerous then, I fear he'll not get defeated that easily, like, on the next page already ;)
I agree! They’ve been through the sophists before amd they definitely know people will fliiip out if they find out haha. Still Lin does go a bit far with this secrecy as we’ll see indeed ;)

Oh man you are prophetic with Astaroth , spot on LOL!
Oh? A new (old) character introduction? He seems like a pleasant dude so far. Why is it Always the late (or missing) father's that are...?

The fight sequence is looking so freaking awesome and dynamic though that I almost don't wanna leave it behind. Even though I'm interested in seeing where this Flashback is going. XD
Its actually so true huh? So many of my favorite characters that fit that archetype in the story end up being the dead guy everyone misses Dx ! He left a pretty decent legacy at least.

Man thanks so much!! Im really glad the actuon come across ok :). Oh and dont worry, were not going ‘full flashback’, its going to be little snippets of the past woven into the fight :D
I wonder if Idiko can trust Lin to help him out here. It might be too late for most of the soldiers in the abyss. The start of a flashback?