Chapter 2: Page 56

Chapter 2: Page 56
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Sovember 23rd Oct 2018, 4:38 AM edit delete
Big hand, big slap! So here we've finally gotten to this part of the chapter in which the most important snippets of Idiko's past with wolf gang and the sophists are sort of "interwoven" into the fight :D. Thanks for reading! See ya Friday for a long one...

So he can summon a giant hand, anything they can't do lol. I really like the flow of this page a lot. So Idiko's father or mentor was killed by the sophists?
LOL yes they can do a lot of crazy stuff! I haven't gotten into how the power systems work exactly beyond the protos but it'll be interesting once I get there :D

Yes that's Idiko's father...and that's Astaroth the dude he's fighting now but without horns :)
Giant Hand!
*wonders what it does. is it really as strong as it looks like- as in, able to easily pick up someone and toss them away? or, the size is just for effect? :P
The big hand is here...KNOW FEAR!

Oh yeah, this is different from the holograms we saw earlier...basically it's A LOT of protos "mushed" together. Fun stuff! If you're not Idiko :D
Does Lin mean that because they "were cubs" (a term that fits very well with the context) and they've grown, they should've passed Astaroth's level? Or does he mean that Astaroth might've grown even further too?

Also, I obviously like the giant Super Smash Bros hand Power! XD
Yup! When Lin says ‘we were cubs hes not on our level’, hes assuming astaroth is the same level as he was last time and that they’ve passed their previous levels significantly :)

LOL yes im glad the ssb hand is a success xD
Dera Nuel
Idiko looks real beat up. Lin maybe right. He ain't on their level.
You’re totaly right dude! it could very well be much different of a fight from last time..
Jason Moon
This is DARK and I LOVE it :D
WOOH glad to hear it man, I freaking love the darkness as well mwhahaha xD
this dude pulling out giant hands wtf i can't see this ending well lin is way too cocky but well see
Yeah Astaroth's got some wacky skills xP

Haha a very good point. Lin is definitely overconfidence personified...well lets hope he knows what he's doing!