Chapter 2: Page 55

Chapter 2: Page 55
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So it goes...

Jason Moon
Beautiful page! That fight looks amazing in detail. Better watch out for Franklin ;) Can't help but think of poor Tom Hanks from Cast Away whenever I see a ball with name lol
Thanks so much man! :D I cant wait to draw the last part of this chapter, its gonna get pretty brutal !

Lol! Having a sports ball with a name as a sidekick/helper also reminds me of that good ol Tom Hanks movie xD
This is a great page ^3^ . I really like the birds eye panel its utilizing infinite scroll pretty well.
Thank you :DD! I'm glad that panel stood out to you, it was fun to make.

I hope to experiment more with this style especially since the rest of this chapter will be heavy with action. :)
Go Franklin go, you can make it! ;D

Force field still holding... ...
Franklin is da MVP obviously :)

Oh yeah those dang force fields have saved a lot of Sophists ...we'll see how long he can hold against FRANKLIN though xD
Art: Continues to impress! There's definetly stuff happening here. I personally love that top down panel because of the sheer amount of impact there is too it! Elongated panels will help with that! =D

It's been a while since we last checked in on this fight, I think I'm pretty sure I asked this the last time, but remind me again... Why does it say "Franklin" on the sphere? =D
Man thanks so much :D. I'm so glad this scene comes off alright I actually rushed it a bit tbh haha. And I'm really glad that panel apparently worked out well! Now that I know it has an impact I might use it more, it's a fun perspective :)

Oh yeah it has been too long since we checked up on these two..I hope to sew up all the loose ends from chapter one :). Yeah the Franklin thing is funny, in story it's just a random name for that tool, and at the same time it's an out of story reference to Ben Franklin since that ball collects and redirects lightning haha.
Dera Nuel
As usual man, you never dissapoint with your battle scenes. Hyped to see where thus goes.
Thank you so much man!!! That means a lot I hope to continue to do so with the battle scenes :) . Oh yeah this chapter will be action/horror for the rest of the way..
Your fight scenes have very dynamic and interesting angles. I was wondering what had happened to Idiko.
Thanks so much man!! I hope to have a lot more action in the future, when I change up stuff here soon I'm going to remove and add lots of stuff, that includes fleshing out a bit of the action scenes more :D