Chapter 2: Page 54

Chapter 2: Page 54
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Iri's back! And she's got a title called "The Historian" now. Also we meet the Philosopher King of Lin's Paradise...and he...likes music and dancing. Now time to finish a fight of titans... Thanks for reading! See ya ...maybe Thursday or Friday!

LMFAOO this king is hilarious wtf is that dancing fat guy doing lmao. i think this king is evil but well see and i remember her with little kese. so shes the historian i smell some conspiracy going down but well see, dark times ahead
Hahaha yeah he’s a strange guy xD. And you might be on to something with him being evil..then again treating people as a statistic is pretty obviously evil LOL!
Another really fantastic page. You're really putting your all into these aren't you? Great work!

And this King... he's got an attitude, one that seems less than transcendental. Just the way he speaks about people in terms of investment and percentages while watching a chunky dancer. Cool Crown though! ^_^
Thanks so much man!! Im really glad to hear that and honestly i can say the same for your last few pages xD.

Yeah Lin is... what one thinks of when they think of maniacal king lolol. And yeah the only thing transcendental about him is his raw power, definitely not his attitude...we’ll learn more about him, fun fact that will be touched on later hes Porcia and Gorgias uncle :)
the king stays calm no matter what, that's a good ability. or maybe he really doesn't care that much, he looks sort of ...bored? I mean- "what rhymes with fuck" xD

But hard to really say, he's not really transparent ;)
Haha yes that is definitely an admirable trait of his, at least he isnt spazzing out xD. Thats really interesting that you bring up the ‘boredom’ thing ! might come back.

LOL im glad you found that as funny as me , i wish i could make a soundfile or what his singing sounds like in my head x)
"Who gives a fuck.
In this misery we're stuck"
LOL! Time to write a scene of him writing lyrics with that as opening lines XD
Dera Nuel
Can I say that I really love those green eyes
Haha Glad you think so dude ! I think thats my favorite panel here ...dude looks so shiny lolol
Oh, only 40% of your top philosophers will die? No problem then!
Rofl! This guys just such a model philosopher king..

Id love to be at his incredibly well thought out command xD
Lin is quite a character. I suspect he is an evil King. He doesn't seem to care about his troops.
He is..something that's for sure XD

I'm glad he comes across as evil here that's the first impression I wanted :D, he has a very..strange view towards managing soldiers, for better or worse (usually worse haha)