Chapter 2: Page 53

Chapter 2: Page 53
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Sovember 9th Oct 2018, 2:59 AM edit delete
A monster page this week xD. That ain't a real 'nebula' btw ;). I really can't wait till these story fragments to finally collide, it's when things kick off :D. I'm actually considering editing lots of things eventually so that this part happens a lot sooner.

Still playing around with the schedule but it's slowly getting easier to manage for me. Still probably one to two a week for now but we'll see how it pans out! Thanks for reading!

"Even Remmy"
Dangit. Oh well, can't win 'em all.
Our residential Sunglasses man has really taken a lot of shots from people on the battlefield and off this chapter LOL!
Jason Moon
I sense trouble on the way
Definitely trouble coming! The sophists are up to something dastardly...and the issue is we dont know what exactly...or when.. :((
Did you up your art game? I'm seeing some real upgrades in angles/perspectives and Environments. Maybe I'm just imagining it but this page was nothing short of sick (in the good way)! =D

And that's just talking about the art. The slow deliberate narrative scan, knowing what we know about the "injection" was superb. Really, storytelling-wise it might be one of your finest pages so far too! ^_^
Man thanks so much!! :D . I think the extra time did help allow me to experiment with more ambitious angles Im glad it apparently shows! :)

And Im so glad the countdown scanning things pacing came across as deceny paced, thats definitely something im trying to work on especially for the following story arcs .And thanks again! its great you also think the narrative is good here too...I definitely gotta take notes and keep this pages style moving on forward haha
I'm not sure it's a good idea to call someone during that scan, I'd rather just sit quiet and avoid thinking about anything, the less they see the better. or, maybe this is completely irrelevant when it comes to meta narratives?
That is a fantastic point about the call and you're right it is actually something that the people can track. Reading meta narratives is actually extremely revealing and comprehensive in the sense that (if it's a 100% scan) memories, thoughts, ect. are all exposed D:

The good thing however is that the meta narrative "data" is so complex that most of the software they use sort of simplifies the information for the people reading it. (Philosophers are an exception they can enter mindspaces) .Either way it's pretty much the apocalypse for privacy LOL
I really like this page it's beautiful. I also agree I wouldn't want my meta narrative read. im not sure what it means exactly but if its something that can read my thoughts im going to have to decline ^^
Thank you so much!! I'm glad people like this page it was fun to make :D.

And yes you're intuition is completely right in that meta narratives are basically mind reading...and yeah I wouldn't want that either! We'll learn a lot more about meta narratives and their relevance soon :)
Dera Nuel
That last panel's really creepy. Trouble could be coming faster than I thought.
Thanks bro!! Im glad you like that panel :))

You’re right...this story will have lots of trials for our heroes...coming out very soon