Chapter 2: Page 52

Chapter 2: Page 52
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News: Alright so page will definitely be out Monday! Sorry again, schedule's probably gonna be hectic but i'll see how it flows after this next page. Thanks for reading!


Well looky it's our girls Porcia and Gorgias! And an allusion to someone important called The Historian...

Do you know what this means?!
We might not have to talk to Rabidus!!!
Porcia there's a small chance that Rabidus just got offed! It's time for a WIlD party! Lmao xD
Jason Moon
Wake up! WAKE UP!!! LOL
"meta narrative identification"

pfffft, no privacy here, like not at all o.O

The last panel - LOL!
But yes, I'm sometimes like that too when suddenly waking up - "where am I? which day is it? oh come on brain start working already!"
Oh yeah that's some Orwelian stuff right there right D: ! They basically "scan" everyone's brain when they leave and enter Paradise. That's just the beginning of it too ..

LOL so glad I'm not the only one that wakes up super confused xD
Awwww, and she looked so comfy...
She was havin' the nicest dream too :( least it wasn't a nightmare :P!
A plane was attacked! Our King is in peril. BUT NOBODY PANIC!! =D

Honestly though, I'm more concerned with Porcia and what she's carrying right now. She's going into a Paradise with a plant!
A super important political figure was attacked as well as hundreds of civilians...DON'T WORRY GUYS ! XD

You're spot on man! Pocia's sister got planted by those guys when they were watching the now her brain just might register differently when they scan it...
dubiz senju
Porcia has to work on her 'waking up fast' skills! The result of that attack on idiko's plane is the only thing important to Gorgia right now not porcia's sleep
Hahaha you got it exactly. Porcia wants to become a super skilled warrior and philosopher, but she'll be in trouble if she doesn't work on those waking up skills.

Yes Gorgias is the more nervous one of the two for sure!
gorgia is trying to wake this girl up lmao i would be freaking out too if terrorists attacked the king i wonder whats gonna happen from here
She's gotta wake er up right !? xD

Yeah I'd be in a panic if we lived in a world with Philosopher Kings/Queens and he/she was under attack... some interesting things are coming that's what I can say dude :D
Dera Nuel
Ruina's troubles are starting.
You got it man! It's just the beginning of some craziness, I'm really looking forward to the coming chapters :))
wakey wakey girls terrorists are here
lolol the terrorists are knockin on the door girls xD
i subscribed a while ago but caught up. i really like porcia and gorgias is a good foil to her. i hope nothing bad happens to them ^^;
Ahh thanks so much :D! I'm really glad you got through the insanity. And really glad you like Porcia she's gonna be a big character. You'll be seeing a lot more of both Porcia and Gorgias soon enough...after we learn a bit more about Idiko of course he's sorta the most mysterious dude in his own story xD.

I gotta check out your comic as well!
I enjoy Porcia and Gorgias. They're segments have an innocent charm to them.
Man that's exactly what I'm going for thanks! Chapter 3 will have them as a focus and I hope to have a sort of weird genre whiplash between lighthearted child detectives and brutal horror XD

Thanks for all the comments again can't wait for your next page!