Chapter 2: Page 51

Chapter 2: Page 51
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Sovember 27th Sep 2018, 4:57 AM edit delete
Ah finally getting close to the main characters finally meeting :). And not any closer to seeing why Astaroth is interested in Rabidus and his mom xD. Thanks for reading! See ya Friday.

"killed like 20 people. that could have been us..but it wasn't! it's almost like we won"

ugh what a shitty thing to say. I can understand it when someone gets high from experiencing something terrifying (and surviving it) but come on D:
completely agree, what she said actually was something similar ive heard from someone after a tragic event completely disrespecting what just happened :(.

Well see the aftermath of what went down and itll make what she said even more terrible..also we might just be about to see a guy who thinks this way..but on steroids Dx
Jason Moon
That city has feel good vibes man :)
Thanks man :D. I'm glad you think that I wanted this story to have a bit of everything light and dark (well really dark) haha.
Oh, neat. No need to worry about the battle anymore, we've arrived at our destination!

Our friends are only just playing a treacherous game in the pits of hell and most likely come out scarred or not at all... but at least we've arrive xD!!
It's real nice seeing a bright and pleasant Place for once! =D Although, as have been shown Before, nice and bright can also just be surface level...
I'm so glad you think so dude :D ! This story is actually going to have a bit of a pendulum swing in an upcoming chapter with the kids, and this might be a bit of a taste of the more lightheartedness :)...but the darkness will always lie beneath the shallow you astutely noted!
Dera Nuel
I have to say, Lin's beautiful.
Thanks man! I wanted it to be a beautiful semi sci fi city glad it comes across so :D
Very impressive city.