Chapter 2: Page 50

Chapter 2: Page 50
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Sovember 25th Sep 2018, 5:21 AM edit delete
The first spin commences! And before our finale it looks like we're taking an abrupt visit to some characters we haven't seen in forever! Thanks for reading! See ya Wed.

(-)_(.) kadaka!
The hanging comma in the first panel is intentional, yes?
Maan I should make you my script proof reader too xD Thanks a lot dude i'll fix that in morning !
Rakshasha, you evil genius! That riddle is too long! No one will be able to remember it!
Hahaha yes exactly it's so long in fact you're spot on only a couple of them remember it clearly even after he says it xD!

This going to go so well!
does that riddle even have an answer? o.O
That is a great point lol, who's to say he isn't just messing with them o_o?

I suppose There only hope is to assume it does and play their best D: Godspeed to these peeps!
Jason Moon
These riddles are creepy
Most definitely :).

They're so vague and creepy Rakshasa doesn't hold back xD
No, wait, can I go again?
Why try again when you got it right on the first guess !?! xD
Dera Nuel
Well it's good to see somewhere that isn't the abyss and people aren't covered in blood and sweat and trying to figure out riddles.
Oh yeah! Luckily there's some light places in Ruina :))
This game sounds difficult, I can't picture what the answer would be. And now back to these characters.