Chapter 2: Page 49

Chapter 2: Page 49
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Sovember 22nd Sep 2018, 4:54 AM edit delete
Ouch Makana :(. And Riddle Roulette is about to begin! All or nothing...Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend...

This is some crazy shit dude that girl got axed I think shes done for but they have to answer that riddle or else its over not much to do but play and hope it aint stupid hard but it probably will be,,
Oh yeah she's really on the brink now :(. Can take anywhere from seconds to minutes to die from bleeding out but the cut was clean which helps a bit I've heard.

Yup, they've got to answer this riddle right and fast or things will get very bad ;(!
Jason Moon
This is quite the twisted game he has conjured up :}
Haha very twisted indeed :D.

He's made lots of little games like this, a good thing we'll only see this one in this chapter!
lifes a gamble

haha sounds like a famous quote that would be parodied in some way by the Simpsons xD. I gotta watch that show again!
Tara showing off her deductive skills! I'd either forgotten or missed that he was a Heathen. Another sign that I'd never survive in a place like this for more than a few seconds. XD
Haha yup Taras always on top of it! Oh and dont worryI would die too , theres so much info being thrown out down here i would lose the game immediately as well xD.

Yeah well see how the heathen thing works with the sophists apparent revival visually eventually :)
I dear.. do they have any chance at all D:
And even if they do win, it's probably too late for Makana anyway D:
You are so right they're chances are so low especially since they can't trust that this dealer is even trust worth nevermind the ridiculous house advantage D:

And yes even if they win, Makana can't last very long at all ;_; time to whimper in a corner xD
Huh so even though black takes up half the wheel, its odds are much lower?
Yeah the black taking up more than the other two is... my artists mistake lol, but you're right for the first turn is classic random probability 1/3 chance for each color. The percentages there are for every other turn which Rakshasa turns the wheel into a sort of "loaded" wheel where it's not random anymore :D.
Dera Nuel
I know everyone's probably hating on Rakshasa right now but I've got to say, "I LOVE THIS GUY!!!"
Hahaha dude I'm so glad to hear that xDD

I'm not afraid to say he's one of my favorite sophists too just because of how freakin' evil he is >:D. He definitely makes things intense more so than many of the other sophists!
I feel bad for Makana. She didn't deserve to lose a limb. This game sounds strange.
You said it. She really got a bad hand here :( , LOL strange is definitely the word, maybe even absurd haha