Chapter 2: Page 48

Chapter 2: Page 48
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Sovember 20th Sep 2018, 4:54 AM edit delete
The last game commences...and it ain't looking too fun :(. Thanks for reading! See ya Friday...

this is insane this guy is completely whack its like some kind of carnival to him lmfao what the hell of a kind of riddle is this or is it the lottery wtf, im scared for these guys they should have run its all in his control now smh
LOL! I love your interpretation of Rakshasa so much and you're also right that he's really wacky too with his game...fetish quirk thing haha.

They really should have dipped at some point, but they're in the deep end now :(
Jason Moon
This guy knows how to throw a party! :}
Ikr? Roulette, Riddles, and looming death, he knows what the people want xD !
dubiz senju
This is just sick, why must all sophists be so sick and twisted!
Oh yeah this is gonna could be a pretty messed up chapter finale if they dont play their cards right D: .

And yeah Rakshasa is one of the worst sophists in the story , mostly because he enjoys inflicting pain for his own amusement as opposed to a lot of sophists who have their own reasons to do extreme things!
More like psychopath roulette. It does take me back to old jrpg's and roulette/slot machine specials. Uhm, only in horrible reverse I guess as it's being used against the party...
Yeah, but you have to spin the wheel before the timer starts, or it's not fair!
Dera Nuel
I'm so glad Rakshasa didn't make video games.
Terrifying cliff hanger.