Chapter 2: Page 47

Chapter 2: Page 47
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Questions keep mounting, especially around the Specter called "Light of Life." What is Rakshasa's new game? Something quite...interesting.

Can't believe I can actually say were finally entering the end part of Chapter 2 wooh! Real hyped for what's coming. Thanks for reading!

This dude Rakshasa is a game master man im scared for these guys he doesnt just kill you he plays with you like your a damn toy wtf. i wanna see this riddle probably gonna be hard as shit i still say they gotta get the hell out of there its not worth it ,,
Haha Yeah Rakshasa is pretty weird in that he plays games its actually almost his entire existence..yeah dude gots issues LOL

If only they could run :((
(-)_(.) kadaka!
Pssst! Last page was 46, this should be 47.

Yup, this is going good.
Man you are the designated page number helper xD. Thanks again!!

Sweeet glad you think so :)
Ah, so he took a hostage because people weren't playing his little game. Well done you sadistic god-like psychopath! =)
Haha yup exactly! You always have such a spot on intepretation of the villains . Rakshsa sure hasnt really been seen killing or physically injuring anyone yet , almost all psychological torture so far... i can say it probably wont stay that way much longer :x
"answer one riddle...

...A train leaves Station A and heads towards Station B at the velocity of 95 mph. Another train leaves Station B and heads for Station A at the velocity of 80 mph. The distance between Station A and Station B is..."
LOL!! Haha I think that train problem is like a universal meme since everyone seen it at some point in school xD.

Also how did you get my script psh!
Jason Moon
Yeah you can't reason with something that evil, the game is the way out, thats if you can solve it's impossible riddles
So true man! These newbies have a lot to learn, you can't reason with the Sophists in fact one of their specialties is persuasion itself!

And I'm so glad you see that the only way through is to play...hope they can solve it..
"No, don't kill us! We'll be easy to kill!"

What sort of argument is that my dude?
Dera Nuel
This should be worse.
Rakshasa is so scheming. But the scary part is I can't read his actions well.